Inkling Challenge: Take the Fellowship to Work/School

by Lizmybit, Samwisegirl, Agape 4 Rivendell and AuntKimby35

Original challenge posted:

A challenge for you...Take the Fellowship to work/school.
What would it be like if you took a member of the fellowship to work/school for the day?

What would happen if Frodo went to gym class? Aragorn in a board meeting? Sam teaching home economics...Pippin driving a taxi cab...or Gimli being a hairdresser. The possibilities are endless.

This inkling challange is brought to you by a conversation among SamwiseGirl, Agape4Rivendell, Lizmybit and Auntkimby, after discussing Lineawen's conversations with Boromir! We wondered what would happen if we brought a memeber of our beloved Fellowship to work.

Here is your challange, feel free to bring one or all of them with you. If you need to think outside the box, you may pick any character from the books, or movies. But they must be in your place of work or school, not someone elses.

Have fun, and we are very much looking foward to seeing your inklings!