Inkling Challenge: Take the Fellowship to Work/School

by Flame of Thangorodrim

Taking the Fellowship to School

My alarm started ringing, shoving me out of the comforts of sleep. Grumbling, I slammed my hand down, recklessly trying to turn it to the OFF position. That done I sat up, rubbing my eyes to get the sleep out of them. The red numbers on the clock say it's 5:15 a.m.

I walked downstairs to find Gandalf, Boromir, Legolas, and Aragorn already up and about. They were commenting on the taste of the café style coffee my Dad made for them. Aragorn kept saying it was "good, but not as good as athelas tea." Gandalf was quite impressed, though.

"It stirs the senses magnificently, just like miruvor, but not as tasty."

As I pulled up a chair and sat down with a bowl of raisin bran, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin stumbled into the kitchen. (They stayed in a room downstairs, quite scared of being in a room two stories high)
They were all dragging their feet, but at the smell of breakfast (a special breakfast cooked for the Fellowship, which my Mom refused to give to me) they jumped at the stove where my Mom was cooking 'nice, crispy bacon', sausage, eggs, and waffles. As if she knew it was coming, my Mom turned around and drove them off with a spatula. Gimli (who was staying in the basement, being reassured by concrete walls) came crashing into the kitchen, his beard all a-tangle and his helm on backwards, which he was trying to rearrange. That done, he boomed at us in his Scottish-like accent, "Ye tryin to steal all the food now are ye? Ye'll deserve to rot in molten mithril!"

After breakfast, I went upstairs to change and brush my teeth while the Company stayed in the kitchen. The Hobbits were insisting on an early second breakfast, complaining that they weren't going to be able to eat until lunchtime at school. I explained to them that they would have to combine elevenses with lunch.

I went to my room, made my bed, and changed into my usual school-wear: a long sleeved shirt, tie, Dockers, and a belt. I brushed my teeth and went down stairs and picked up my backpack. I said goodbye to my parents and my older brother (who goes to a different high school and drives to school), and then went outside to wait for the bus with the others (the stop is right outside my house). People were staring at the Company and me. I didn't care though, the opportunity to have a day with the Fellowship was the best thing I had ever had in my life.

The bus came and we boarded it. We walked to several rows of empty seats and sat down. The bus driver was shaking like mad eyeing the 5-foot blade Aragorn had sheathed at his side and the quiver of arrows Legolas had. I ordered him to drive, and he did. I guessed it was the presence of the Fellowship. Finally, a kid who I had gotten into fights with before came up to me and started to make fun of me because of the people with me. I stood up, ready to deal him a blow, when suddenly 3 swords, 2 hunting knives, an armed bow, an axe, and a staff were instantly drawn and placed right in front of the other kid.

"Ye'll have to deal with us first," snarled Gimli. The kid ran away, whimpering, and Gimli let out a laugh.

We finally got to school and entered the building, drawing scared or intimidated looks. I walked up a short flight of steps and walked down the hallway to my locker. I grabbed my books: a book for my math team, world history, and Spanish.

The Fellowship followed me to my algebra room, where the rest of my math team was (math team starts early, before school starts, but today, I am a bit late). As we walked into the classroom, everyone turned from the papers they were working on. My teacher began to yell at me about being late, but taking notice of the others behind me, he fell silent. Muttering under his breath, he continued on instructing the class. It was dull work, but made more enjoyable when Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo, and Legolas started up a conversation in Elvish.

Sam meanwhile took out his pans and some shiner and started to wipe them clean. Merry took out an apple he had hidden in his pocket and started eating it.
It was when Pippin took out his pipe and started smoking leaf, when the other students began to cough, and when the smoke started to obscure the teacher’s notes that the teacher got up and said, “What do you think you’re doing?! This is a school for crying out loud!”

Pippin replied, “I don’t care what you think and you can’t do a thing about it! Ha!” To add injury to insult, Merry threw his apple core and it found its mark: my teacher’s nose.

This made my teacher turn an angry scarlet color, like a steam engine about to explode. But he probably realized there was NOTHING he could do about it.
The rest of that class was spent sputtering and coughing over unfinished paper.
Then it was off to my first class:(math team is not considered an actual class, as it starts before school) world history.

Before I could get there though, the school’s Dean caught me. He, in a bewildered manner, asked, “Who are all these people and the kids? Who are they and why in the world are they carrying weapons? That is prohibited and is liable for arrest! I’m gonna have to expel you and turn you over to the police, since you are the apparent ringleader.”
I replied in a casual, lazy type of voice to conceal my worries, “If you want to deal with them, fine with me.” At this moment all of the Fellowship put on menacing looks and drew their weapons halfway. The hobbits, however, decided to take more direct action…

“For the Shire,” they cried, and with a pounce they tackle the Dean. The five of them land extremely close to a flight of steps. Aragorn and Boromir quickly try to pull the hobbits off, but in the struggle, Boromir slips and Aragorn gets his feet kicked out from under him. This causes the whole lot of them to fall tumble down the steps like a human avalanche. They tumble straight into an open janitor’s closet with a THUD. Gimli, Gandalf, Legolas, and I all flinch. We rushed downstairs to help them out.

As I get to the scene, Sam says, “What is that?” and Gimli replies, “Nothing, just some more students.” I hop over a fallen mopping bucket and stare down the hallway…”It’s the varsity football team!” Aragorn pushes everyone into the closet and yells, “Hide!” I shut the door. I waited until I was sure they were past before I opened the door. Vaguely, I am reminded about that scene with the cloud that actually turns out to be spies of Saruman.

When everyone got out, the Dean tried to strangle me. Luckily though, Sam took out his frying pan and bopped him once over the head. I was nearly late for my next class, so we ran at top speed… Boromir, Aragorn, Gimli, and Gandalf each picked up a hobbit and bolted after me. Gimli decided to (or maybe he truly was out of breath) reenact the TTT scene where he says, “Must…keep…breathing!”

We rushed into my World History class to find my teacher armed with a baseball bat. “I knew this was coming…fight me you yellow-bellied mongrels!” (Seriously, isn’t this guy a bit too much into history?) He swung wildly and Gimli stepped up for a swift counterattack, in which he promptly sliced the bat in two. Staring in disbelief at the bat, he backed slowly up to his podium and started calling for security. We bolted again.

When we were a safe distance away, we stopped to catch our breath. Looking up, we saw a kid who decided to bring the people from Harry Potter with him. With him were Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Prof. Lupin. Harry all of the sudden, falls over and starts screaming that his scar was hurting and that it was coming from Gandalf. I happened to notice however, that Voldemort was sneaking up behind him. Meanwhile, based on Harry’s judgment, Dumbledore attacked Gandalf. Everyone dove out of the way as a pitched wizards’ battle raged in the hall. Voldemort winked at Gandalf and said, “Way to go Gandalf! You fight him hard will you?” Then Voldemort turned around and began chasing Harry down the hall, around the corner, and out of sight.
That was when we saw the S.W.A.T. team charging at us. One of them shot a dart out of a taser that sent shocks into Boromir. He fell down, several more taser darts sticking in him. We had to leave him there…

We ran into the gym, where all of the sudden Durin’s Bane jumped in front of us. Gandalf, annoyed mostly, yelled at me, “When were you going to tell me you decided to bring that **** balrog with us?!”

“I didn’t; he must have followed us!”

Gandalf did the traditional staff strike, which caused a rift in the floor to appear, sending the balrog tumbling down the chasm. Gandalf fell at the expected whip retaliation.

“Run, you fools!” By that time, the S.W.A.T. team was appearing on the other side of the rift. I told everyone to run, the darts flying around me.

Aragorn (instead of Boromir) dragged a screaming Frodo out the side exit and we all followed. They were all crying.

“Oh cheer up, Gandalf will come back!”

“What about Boromir?” Merry and Pippin asked.

“They’ll probably have him in the police station by now.”

Out of nowhere, to S.W.A.T. members came out of nowhere and grabbed Merry and Pippin, while we saw Frodo and Sam running after a passing ice cream truck.

Just Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, and I remained. We watched Merry and Pippin being dragged into the police station.

Aragorn said, “Let’s hunt some…uhh…what are they called now?”


He restated his famous phrase, “Let’s hunt some…police.”

We ran after him toward the police station.

This concludes Part 1 of the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship at the School.

We ran across the street into the police station. I noticed a fallen taser and picked it up. We soon had to engage the S.W.A.T. team that no doubt saw us on the security cameras. After a quick battle that ended up with about 20 unconscious S.W.A.T. members, we headed down to the prison cells where we busted out Merry and Pippin.


Frodo and Sam had nearly caught up with the ice cream truck, and somehow found themselves tricked into falling into a marsh. When they got out of that, they were caught by some park security, and then released. They were now very close to the ice cream truck.

That concludes Part 2 of the Lord of the Rings, the Two Tasers.

There will not be a Part 3 yet, as it may contain a paralleled spoiler. We don’t want that to happen now do we. Well, that concludes my day at school with the Fellowship, not a very promising one, but all together worth the expulsion note probably waiting for me when I walk in tomorrow.

-Flame of Thangorodrim