Inkling Challenge: Take the Fellowship to Work/School

by fellowshipfan

The Fellowship on the Farm

The sun was shining in all it's glory the morning the Fellowship came to help me with the chores. I was alone that day on the farm and that is why I asked them to come over. The nine were very happy to help with the animals. They all stood in a line, waiting for me to tell them what they could do to help. I looked each over carefully thinking what he could best do.

"Well, Aragorn, would you like to feed the horses? One slab of hay each with a little oats. It's in the barn." Aragorn bounded through the gate and quickly walked the length of our barnyard.

"Ok, I need a strong man to fork hay to the cows. Boromir, would you?" Boromir smiled, taking the job I gave him as a compliment. "It would be my honor!" As he too headed toward the barn, I called after him, "Watch out for that bull, he's a real cave troll!"

When I looked back to the rest of the Fellowship I saw a very glum faced Gimli. I realized he had wanted the 'strong man' job. I quickly said, "Oh, I was just thinking. Maybe Gimli should go with Boromir. We do have so dreadfully many cows this year. Gimli's face perked up and he said to me, "Aye, lass, he surely will need a dwarf's help with a big job." So he clumped happily through the gate with his axe over his shoulder, in case he would meet the bull.

As I watched him go, I thought of the other animals around. Not meaning to, I said aloud, "Who could feed Buster Balrog?"

"What?!" Gandalf asked quickly hearing me.

"Oh, Buster is my 4-H lamb. He's a bit of a bother, but he really is nice once he's fed."

"I think I can handle that." He said and I told him where to find the feed.

I looked at Legolas, worrying about how all the big jobs had already been given out. Then I got an idea. "Legolas, I was just thinking," he looked at me eagerly, "Our three horses have been acting like knot- heads lately. It would be wonderful to have a good horseman work with them. Dusty have been the worst, he was bucking the last time we rode. Saddles are in the basement." Legolas was happy with his assignment . He lightly skipped down the outside steps to the basement.

Only the Hobbits were left then. "Sam, would you like to feed our dog. Her name is Rosie." I tacked on. The red faced Sam hurried off with Rosie happily bouncing after him.

"Frodo, you can help me feed the rabbits." Frodo nodded and started over to the hutches. I then assigned Merry and Pippin to the last job. "Do you think you two could gather the eggs? Our coop is down there. Mom doesn't want any eggs broken, do you think you can make it without cracking an egg?"

I asked with a bit of doubt.

Merry and Pippin were delighted and promised not to break an egg. Then they too hurried through the gate and across the barnyard.

When the pair reached the coop Merry opened the door and they slipped inside. They walked over to the nest and filled his hands with eggs. When he couldn't hold anymore eggs he called Pippin over. The chickens had been pecking at Pippin's feet the whole time. He kicked at them and grabbed the last eggs. With their hands full they carefully opened the door. The chickens were still fascinated with the wooly feet and followed them.

"Oh, go away you pesky birds!" Pippin cried as he ran through the door. Just as the door was closing, two chickens ran out and then another. Pippin, forgetting his hands were full of eggs made a wild grab at the next chicken coming out the door. He dropped every egg he had been holding.

"Pippin!" Merry started to say as more chickens ran out. Pippin slipped on the broken eggs and landed on Merry who in turn dropped his eggs.

By this time all eight chickens were out. The pair did not know how hard it was to herd chickens and gave chase to them.

The chickens ran right among the herd of cows Boromir and Gimli were feeding. The cows were spooked and started stampeding and jumped clean over the fence. Then the race was really on.

Gimli and the Hobbits ran with all their might after the fleeing animals. Boromir started blowing on his horn which only scared the cows more. The cows ran past Aragorn and Legolas who had just saddled the horses. They understood the plight, jumped on two of the horses and galloped after them. Finally Gimli, Merry, and Pippin arrived. Gimli hopped, or at least he tried to hop, on the last of the three horses, which just happened to be Dusty. Gilmi was bucked off and Dusty ran after the herd. The cows raced past the lamb pen just as Gandalf was coming out. Realizing the problem, he grabbed the rider-less Dusty and was also chasing the herd.

Pippin, wishing to help ride after the herd looked around for a steady steed. Seeing what he thought was a donkey, Pippin opened the pen and mounted. Buster, for yes, it was my 4-H lamb, was not happy about the situation and started running wildly around the barnyard.

Sam had just finished feeding Rosie and had ambled over to the rabbit pens, hoping to help. The cows were racing right for us so Sam and I leaped out of the way. Frodo was not as fast as Sam and I. Just as the cattle were upon him, Sam pulled Frodo out of the way. Rosie ran barking after the thundering herd.

As the whole business disappeared into the sunset, I looked around. Boromir was still blowing on that horn, Merry was helping Gimli stand up, Pippin was trying to make Buster stop running long enough to get off, Frodo and Sam were hugging each other, and Legolas, Aragorn, and Gandalf were wandering around in the canyon trying to stop the stampeding herd.

The Fellowship on a farm? I wasn't so sure about that anymore.

Suddenly, I heard a thud as Pippin fell off Buster right on top of a chicken. "I caught one!" he shouted excitedly.