Inkling Challenge: Take the Fellowship to Work/School

by Emyn

The Fellowship go to the Frame Shop

Occasionally, I like to walk the two miles to work in the morning. My path takes me through a wooded city park, steadily uphill, and back out into the bustling Main Street. I'm a picture framer by occupation, and my shop is
surrounded by various stores and cafes. And so, being that business is kind of slow this time of the season, I decided to take my new friends Frodo and Sam with me to work.

As Frodo and I headed out the door, Sam stopped us short. "Oh no you don't," he said, handing us some croissants and tea. "You're not going anywhere without a proper breakfast."
"Okay," I said. "But we'll have to eat as we walk. We're running late as it is."
Once in the park, after Frodo slashed some spider webs with his trusty Sting, we hurried up the narrow path. Merry and Pippin soon joined us.
"Second breakfast? Mushrooms?" they offered.
"No thanks," I said. "I don't think you should be eating mushrooms from a city park anyway."
Three figures stood in the distance ahead. One was looking up at the trees, one held his axe in vigilance, and the other crawled around in the dirt making comments about chipmunk tracks.
"A chipmunk stood here," Aragorn said. "And the other..."
"Alright guys," I said, "If you're all coming with me, you better walk fast.
With that, Aragorn and Legolas started running ahead.
"Wait for me!" cried Gimli.
I turned around to look at the hobbits. They were looking kind of sick.
"I thought I told you not to eat those mushrooms!" I reprimanded in an angry tone.
Just then, Boromir came running up out of the glade with his sword drawn.
"Sorry!" I shouted. "Go ahead! Eat all the mushrooms you want."
To my surprise, Boromir ran straight past me and killed a giant mutant mosquito that was hovering over Pippin's head.
"Um, okay," I said. "That was close."

Once at work, finally, I put Gimli and Legolas to work making the frames. Gimli mitered the corners very well with his axe, and Legolas excelled at polishing the glass. I decided the Hobbits should do the assembly, since their fingers were so small, but Sam ended up doing most of the work. Frodo kept complaining about being sick, and Merry and Pippin spent most of their time at the pizza place across the street.

I thought Aragorn and Boromir would do well at the sales counter, so I set them to work arranging frames and mats and designing for artwork. Aragorn was quite courteous to the customers, and his sales were sky high. Boromir, a bit jealous of that, began to act quite rude. After chasing a few customers out of my shop with his sword, I was praying that the manager would show up.

As if on cue, in walked Gandalf. He quickly gave Boromir a few pointers in customer service and even got Merry and Pippin out of the pizza place. By lunch time, everything was fair and square, and I began to get indecisive about what to usual.

"Pizza?" Merry and Pippin asked, enthusiastically.
"No," I said.
"Red meat right off the bone?" Gimli suggested.
"Um, no," I said.
"Lembas?" Legolas asked.
"Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish? Even you couldn't say no to that," Sam said.
"Oh yes I could," I said. "Spoiling a nice fish..." With that, I decided to go get some sushi.

After lunch, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly except for one unusually tall customer. He came in with a lovely photo of Saruman trapped in Orthanc. Aragorn and Boromir threw out some interesting mats and some nice hardwood frames samples. However, at the sight of the frame samples, the customer began to fume.
"Some of these trees were my friends!" the customer shouted. He began to angrily throw rocks at us, and crush the mats. Fortunately, before too much damage was done, I intervened.
"Perhaps sir, you would be more interested in our metal frames," I said. The customer seemed somewhat appeased after that, and we made a good sale.

Feeling too exhausted to walk back home at the end of the day, Gandalf lent me Shadowfax, and I looked forward to my relaxing evening with my boyfriend...who suddenly seemed quite normal.