Inkling Challenge: Take the Fellowship to Work/School

by boriel

The Fellowship Learns how to be Safe for a Day

(please excuse my sliding in and out of past and present tense, it is the one thing i have not learned to curb yet LOL - enjoy)

Two hours before the alarm screams in my ear, a noise pulls me out of a restless sleep. Awake now, i lie in bed, listening to figure out what woke me up.


Sighing, i realize it is my cat (and not a wraith) wanting outside at 4am to prowl the neighborhood, and i know that he won't quit talking to me until i get up to do it. Being part siamese he has learned, in his eight years, how to talk almost like a human...almost. Gritting my teeth i am just about to fling the bedcovers off when i hear the sound of the back door being opened, and a hushed voice saying, "shoo - go, out." Then the door closes and all is quiet again. I smile in the darkness, thankful that my houseguest has elected to spare me and do the deed for me. My eyes close and i dream of.......the clock radio wails:

"I have run, I have crawled, I have scaled these city walls, these city walls, only to be with you. But i still haven't found...."

My mind floats off into a dreamy trance as i listen Bono croon the rest of the song, knowing that i must get up and get mobile, so as the song ends, i hit the 'off' button on the alarm and start the day. Once dressed, i head to the bathroom for the daily ritual of hair washing over the bathtub tap, but then suddenly remember my overnight house guest and figure its gonna be a fight for the hot water, then laugh again as my brain finally kicks into gear and i remember that Strider has no need of water or soap.

Once done, tangles combed and hair still wet, i head back over to the kitchen, where he waits for me. He is already to head out, and   know that he slept in his clothes last night, even though there was a perfectly good pair of pyjamas there for him. He is a man of few words at the best of times, and i fully appreciate it this morning as i am most definitely not a morning person. We smile a hello to each other and head out to the office. We are to meet the others there and head out to the jobsite after that.

Once at the office, with a bowl of cereal in my tummy and a hot cup of tea picked from the misty mountains and sent to me by lindorie, i feel ready to tackle anything, including Merry and Pippins endless incessant chatter and questioning, which up until now i have been politely ignoring. Boromir and Gandalf have been marvelously trying to stave off the enthusiasm of the pair for me and for that, I am fully appreciative.

"When are we going? you said we would go right away," Pippin looks at me slightly cross at the delay. "You should have already had your breakfast, we've had breakfast already, haven't we Merry?"

"Yes, and we could have had second breakfast by now, if we would have known about having to wait longer." Merry replied. Sam groaned, and Frodo smiled to himself.

"I don't see why I have to wear one of these hard 'hats', put in Gimli, "why can't I just wear my helmut?"

Shaking my head patiently, i reply for the tenth time, "a helmut is not CSA approved, WCB (the government boss agency to you Gimli) won't accept anything less than a hard hat, and steel toe boots."

"I don't see why a mithril boot should be covered by leather, it should be allowed to shine forth and sparkle in it's glory,"

Legolas groaned audibly, and Boromir shook his head in agreement, smiling. "A great weapon it would be," he said, "our enemy would be blinded by it's radiance."

"So would all your friends and co-workers," I retort, "are we all ready now? We are going to be late at this rate."

"A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to." This came from Gandalf, but i nearly choked on my own laugh as i saw Frodo mouthing the words silently as he rolled his eyeballs heavenward.

"Here we go again," Sam grumbled audibly. Gandalf threw him a look but said nothing.

We pile into the company SUV -loaned to me for the day to accomodate the crowd - and head out, thank goodness it is only a 10 minute drive around the corner. I don't think even Strider has the patience to hear, "are we there yet?" one more time!

"Why are we parking here, and not in the parking lot with all the others?" Frodo asks, eyes wide with curiosity.

"I like to park away and watch them work without them knowing i am here yet."

"Ah, watching without being seen. There is hope for you yet."

I scowl and stick my tongue out at Legolas. He narrows his eyes at me and then bursts out laughing.

As we stand there, i notice a fellow on a scaffold about 10 feet up from the ground, and he is reaching down to grab a box from a co-worker. I draw the groups attention to him, playing a hunch.

"Watch this," I tell them, and 18 eyes are riveted on the worker unbeknownst to him. He hauls the box up to the scaffold platform where he is standing, then puts it down on the platform and procedes to stand on the 3 foot high box to reach higher and finish his job. They all stand there, the hobbits with wide serious eyes, and Pippin with his mouth hanging open. Gimli squints against the morning sun, and stands with hands on his hips. Gandalf is leaning on his staff studying the scene. Boromir and Aragorn stand side by side, both with their hands unconsciously resting on their swords. Finally Gandalf breaks the spell.

"What is it we are looking at, what are we to find wrong?" he asks innocently.

"All I see is a dwarf standing on a box. Tis been done before and was not wrong in that instant." Legolas says as he turns to face me, a small furrow between his eyebrows as he frowns.

"He is going to need a taller box, or more metal poles if he wishes to see over the other side of that roof," Boromir adds, as i sigh in disbelief.

"Maybe we should toss him," says Strider with a twinkle in his eye that only i see. At this moment, it is precious to me.

"Nobody tosses a dwarf!" cries Gimli.