Inkling Challenge: Take the Fellowship to Work/School

by Alanai She-Elf

The Fellowship at the Hospital where I Work

I had no problem waking the elf at five in the morning, but the rest of them were a hazzle. Once the hobbits were awake, they started looking for food and started packing four to five lunches. I do believe I will have to re-stock the refrigerator this evening.

Aragorn, who at one time did not mind going without a shower, declared the bathroom his domain and took it over, showering and shaving. I had to scream at him in order to get him out and the hobbits in!

Gimli, how do I begin to tell you...Gimli felt that the elf had an unfair advantage over him, since I had woken up Legolas at 5:00 a.m. and he at 5:05 a.m.;and you, mellyn have probably forgotten their action at the battle of Helms Deep over each others body count, and think this is a small problem. Right, just don't stand in the middle of those two when thay have something to pick on

Boromir, was not sure he wanted to spend eight hours at a hospital's laboratory, to which I responded, it was the hospital, or staying home with my pet rat Conchita. He changed his mind as held up his bandaged finger, you see, he met Conchita last night when he stuck his finger thru the cage's wire. Big mistake!

Well, I have to get the group into my car and get everyone to the laboratory. I can not fathom what this experience is going to like for the boys, the lab is full of machines and tubes filled with blood, Boromir will surely faint at the sight of blood and end up being a patient in the E.R.
I guess the hobbits will find their way to the cafeteria, and taste hospital food, which is an adventure directed by Sauron.

Gimli and pretty, sweet smelling Aragorn will make their way to the secretarial pool where we have a girl that resembles Lady Galadriel.

My dear Legolas will be highly interested in all the computerized machines and marvel at the many ways humans can be healed. It looks like it is going to be a fine day after all.