What Happened to the Entwives? Challenge

For Here Were the Entwives

 In a small, isolated--even from the Hobbits themselves--part of the Shire was a small group of dwellings. 'Twas a very strange dwelling--something like a hall of trees. The Hobbits--those that knew of such places--avoided it, for, 'twas said, the dwelling places of great giants--tree-like, they were, but for the fact that they MOVED.

But in that very place, shunned by all, was a great garden and orchard--full of flowers of blue and green and yellow and pink and red and violet and gold and cream and whatever colour you could imagine--and fields of trees heavy with apples and peaches and pears and whatever else you could imagine. And tending the garden were strange creatures--tree-like in appearance, but for the fact that they MOVED. And, oh!, how they did move, graceful as a dance, gliding from flower to tree, from bud to fruit, tending and loveing and caring.

For years did they live as this, hidden away in a secret garden from all others. And generations passed, though the tree-like creatures aged bare at all. And ages passed and rumours came of trouble in the south and of a tiny person and his companion and of a war. But what did such creatures care of a war? 'Twas best to be avoided, for war would only cause destruction to their beloved gardens and orchards.

But then new rumours came . . . of a garden . . . untended . . . but lovely . . . far to the south . . . at the very feet of deadly mountains . . . deadly no more . . . for shadows had fled . . . and it was a most lovely place. And there dwelt a man--who? It was no concern--and his wife--who? 'Twas no concern, either.

Whether or no it had a name was of no concern, for who needed a name for a thing of beauty? All that mattered was that it was an untended garden, full of beauty and splendor . . .

And so it was that the Entwives--hidden far away in a secret garden in the most isolated areas of the Shire--became interested in a garden to the south at the very feet of the mountains where dwelt Men. And forth marched the Entwives, for they would see such a place.

And they marched passed Isengard.

Where dwelt the Ents.

And great wonder filled their ancient eyes.

For here were the Entwives.

- Peregrine