What Happened to the Entwives? Challenge

Whither did You Go, My Wife?

A slim cloaked figure slipped up the spiral steps that wound round the great Mallorn in a climbing embrace. It was dark beneathe the boughs that night, but Celeborn could see the flash of white cloth as the figure took the steps swiftly and noiselessly. He waited at the top, meeting her eyes as she lifted her head.

"Whither did you go, my wife?"

Galadriel drew down the hood of her cloak and smiled a gentle smile at her husband. "I had an errand in the southeast."

The Elf-lord watched as she shed her cloak, stained with long travel, and he fetched her wine and nourisment. Her profound beauty was not diminished, but she was drawn with weariness. "You have traveled far and quickly. Will you not tell me whither you have gone, or what you saw that made necessity this effort that has left you exhausted?"

Galadriel gratefully accepted the wine and food. She sighed sadly, and her starlit eyes seemed full also of pity, not for Celeborn in his ignorance of her task, but for the coming waste of life that could not now be avoided. "I have delivered a message that may save or end a race as old or older than the Firstborn. But I cannot tell you, my beloved, for the Valar have sealed my lips."

Celeborn nodded; he sat next to Galadriel and tried to comfort her as she wept. "The best secret is the one untold; it keeps until the End of Time."

They sat together and watched the star bloom, waiting until the morning when the elven soldiers would depart for the aid of Isuldur.
- Lothithil