What Happened to the Entwives? Challenge

The Tale of the Lost Entwives by Kaybaggins

Fimbrethil covered her hazel eyes with her long limbs and looked over the long expanse of the deep blue waters. Wandlimb, came up to her with a distressed look in her dark brown eyes.

“Fimbrethil, we have walked up and down these blackened shores and the ground is cracked and hard and there is very little water our roots can reach for us to drink. We are dying and parched. There are too few of us left. If we try to go back from whence we came we will perish in the crossing. What will we do?”

Fimbrethil paused and then gravely looked at her sister and said, “We will cross these waters and pray that we will find the plentiful lands that we have been looking for.”

Wandlimb looked at Fimbrethil in horror. “Surely you must be mistaken. We could all die trying to cross the never-ending blue waters. There must be another way.”

Fimbrethil looked at her sister and sighed, “There is no other way. Gather what wood that lay around us for we must build a boat to carry us across the water. We will pray that it brings us to another land where we may once again flourish and be happy.”

Her sister nodded and gathered the other entwives and together they built a boat that would carry them across the great blue waters. The entwives traveled for many days and nights and one dark morning their boat gently brushed against a sandy beach. They strained their eyes to see the ground they had landed upon as the sun’s first rays of dawn crept over the horizon behind them. They gasped with joy as they saw the rich and lavish land upon which their boat had landed. There were great gardens and tilled fields and rich orchards.

The entwives stepped out of the boat and dug their roots deep into the rich earth and felt the warmth of the soil. A sudden rain shower broke overhead and they soaked up the moisture in their limbs and laughed as the rain trickled down their brown, dry cheeks.

Fimbrethil gathered up her sisters and exclaimed, “We have found that which we have looked for but at great cost. We have lost many of our sisters making this journey and we will never be reunited with the ent husbands for we have traveled the great blue waters and they will not look for us here. We will make these lands our new home and tend these orchards but I fear that none of us have the heart to herd trees any further. It was my hope that I would once again herd the apple orchards but I will now stay with you my sisters.”

The other entwives agreed that they too no longer had the heart to travel any further than the fertile lands they had landed upon much to their sadness.

One day, a man came traveling among the entwives singing a song similar to the songs the entwives had heard from the elves old. Fimbrethil stopped the young man, who was quite startled needless to say, and asked him if he had ever heard of ents before. The young man said that no he had never seen or heard of a talking tree but that he loved the earth and trees and good tilled land. Fimbrethil immediately liked the young man and told him how sad the entwives had been that they had been unable to herd the apple orchards. Her other sisters were now quite treeish and would no longer move and she alone could still walk about. She asked the young man if he would do her a favor and if he would take the apple seeds from the orchards and spread them so that they would take root in many places. He told her that he would do that. Fimbrethil asked the young man what his name was. He told her that his name was Johnny.

Fimbrethil then said, “Well then, Johnny, go forth and spread the seeds of my apples so that others may enjoy their fruit. Your name is strange and curious to me however I shall name you Johnny Appleseed.”

With that Johnny Appleseed went forth on his mission of spreading the apple seeds. Even though the entwives had found the lands they had looked for, it had come at a great price for they would never see the ents again. Fimbrethil had some comfort knowing that the seeds from the orchards would go forth and would be sown by a small tree herder known as Johnny Appleseed.

- Kaybaggins