What Happened to the Entwives? Challenge

Olive and Cherry

Two Entwives named Olive and Cherry
Were walking and talking ever so merry
When who should they meet
But a huge arachnid with eight feet
Who declared, "Ladies, will you join me for iced teaberry?"

"Take tea with a spider? For what reason?"
"I'll tell you why," said Shelob, "I think it is treason
That I get jabbed with a sword
You disappear without a word-
We are abominably treated- and I'm not teasin'!"

"You are so very right!" Olive declared
And Cherry rustled her leaves as her temper flared
"Lead the way, Lady Spider!
I'll put up for the cider!"
And absolutely no expense they spared.

So what happened to the Entwives after they met with the Spider?
I really don't know, they might've had too much cider,
But Shelob just installed with great flair
New oak panelling within her lair-
And AuntKimby needs to hire a ghost-writer!

- AuntKimby35