A Dark and Stormy Night: Rivendell

by Sauron's Truss

It was a dark and stormy night. A night not unlike so very many others, yet at the same time completely different. The yellow light streaming out of the Inn presented an inviting appearance indeed. The warmth of the common room, the kitchen, his quarters. Boromir smiled approvingly, if a tad ruefully. “I could use
a bath”, he muttered as he crossed the threshold into relative safety. “I deserve that much, at least. Would that I had not had to delay my trip to Rivendell to help protect this unprotected village, but that is what I do. That is who I am. I would not see them vanquished.”

At the bar, apart from the rest, Boromir drifted off into thought as he pondered the events of the past two days, an ale in front of him. His fingers trailed aimlessly along the hilt of his weapon. “My old friend,”, he mused, “you’ll never fail me”. How could he have allowed the foul and dreaded Uruk Hai to get that close to the village undetected? How could he have allowed the pleasures of the leaf to cloud his mind such that he couldn’t tell they were invading until it was almost too late?

The drop of earthenware by a careless wench brought him out of his reverie with a start. Realizing that he’d forgotten his sword in his room he strode forth purposefully to retrieve it. Before he had taken two steps he noticed a nearby commoner smiling contemptuously at him. With nary a second thought he backhanded the lout and sent him reeling across the room. The blood came out in a tiny stream from the corner of the semi-concious villager’s mouth. “Am I not Boromir, Son of the Steward of Gondor”, he thought? “I deserve respect. I know it. The regulars know it. The Uruk Hai certainly know it. And now he knows it”.

He continued the walk to his room. “Now that the foul, evil, dreaded, very scary Urak Hai menace has been dealt with for the time being, perhaps I can continue on to Rivendell soon. The journey must needs completing. The hosts of the fell Dark Lord himself could not keep me from this appointed task any longer. The council will soon convene and there is this matter of a Ring of Power”. A small twinge at the base of his skull caused him to hesitate but a brief moment and then he continued on…