A Fine Day for Riding

by sumo

It was in fact a fine day for riding, fine that is if your true love weren't walking into certain danger and doom. As Arwen swept between the green lush undergrowth and moldering pines of the Old Forest, she contemplated visiting her old friend and what they would talk about.

"Hey dolly ding do-hally momeny Arweny," she heard as she approached the house that Bombadil called home. It was a bit uncomfortable approaching the house, but she really needed advice in this time of trial. It had been almost 900 years since she and Bombadil had dated, but the chemistry between them was still strong.

A drop of dew flowed from Arwen's long trusses down her dewy cheek as Tom helped her off the horse. "Ho dinga do-humny it's been a longola dingfola timeola my fairskinoholala," Tom said thoughtfully as his muscular arms placed her gently upon the grass.

"You always know what to say to cheer me up," Arwen responded, surprised by the emotions that his fair words had upon her mind and heart.

"Itola ebola Ho dinga my goala is to be faithfola to my sweetola hum diddly ola momery Goldberry," Tom said to break the uneasy silence that had developed between them.

"I know, Tommy. That wasn't really why I came."

"Yummy young birdies in the trees, and the sun shines upon the petals of the garden green and Tom needs to gather honey for his honey," said Tom.

Tom was always so indirect. That was what drew Arwen to him in the first place. "I think I know what you're saying, I need to just wait and allow the will of Manwe and others draw the future for my sweet love."

"Ho ding dolly!! Don't think you'll ever catch old Tom in the men's town, no way!! Old man Saruman won't be buying this forest, not if old tree get's him, HE HE!! Ring a ding dolly, the Ring is folly to old Tom here, and you best be riding on the fair wind before Ho dol dingola jealousola momery Goldberry comes back!"

As Arwen rode away, she remembered why they had quit dating. She really never got to know the REAL INNER Tom Bombadil. Shrouded in mystery and unintelligable speech, it was like he never really was part of her story to begin with... In fact if she were to make a movie about her life...

THE END (Written by a true fan of Tommie B)