A Stupid Story

by Strange Elf

Once upon a time(because that's how stupid stories start) their was a handsome prince (because every stupid story needs a handsome prince)called Legolas. Legolassie's Dad was a King, which is why he is a prince (because stupid stories are for stupid people) Well, one day Legolas was busy watching over a rather ugly creature called Gollum, who wanted to climb tree's to get a break from being in prison (sounds good to me) when some bad guys called orc's came by and were bristling for a fight. Legolas loved to fight and got quite caught up in it all and while he was being the brave, fearless elf the ugly creature left his tree and ran away. Legolassie's Daddy was rather miffed when he heard that the ugly creature had run away and told his son that he had to go to Rivendell and tell the great wizard Gandalf that he had let his prize prisoner loose. The handsome prince left for Rivendell and confessed his sins and for punishment he was sent on a quest, thing, with a dwarf (and a few other characters). Now that's another story, but I hear it all ended happily ever after.