A Short Summary of LOTR

by Shelob

A 'SHORT SUMMERY' of LotR by Shelob

This is a short story about a gold piece of junk joolery. This ol' hobbit creature had a big 'B' day blow out and than disappeare - oh yeah, i forgot, the ring thing was jinxed and brought the carrier person all kinds of rotten bad luck and also, a not neccessarily bad thing, it could also make you disappear quickern greased lightnin - It's aslo got some wizard guys that don't get along nor have no use fer each other too and some bad guys on black horses chasin the good guys on white horses. It's also about mountain climbin and explorin a great big ol' cave where some more really bad things are. And there is also a couple of big black towers and some deserts and some swamps and some big ships with black sails too. and oh yeah, i forgot, there's some kings and swords and elfs and dwarfs too. And oh yeah, i almost forgot this part about some pretty ladies that dress like guys and a whole big part in it about some big old girl spider too. And the best part is it has a pretty good ending cause the joolery gets all burned up and oh yeah i almost forgot too the good guys get saved by some big eagles and they have another real big bang up party for all the good guys what did not die -

the END

Eeeew - I almost hate to say i writed this - sorry, Shelob