Awakening in Rivendell

by seansbeanie

There was a petite quiet figure lying on the fabulous Art Neuvou inspired, obviously hand hewn bed, under an amazing hand embroidered damask quilt. A gentle refreshing, though relaxing breeze made evermore beguiling with the wafting scent of the yellow elanor andthe pale nephredil, was brushing gently over untidy curls, unkempt but cleansed and wreathed in a scintillating yet soothing perfume of strawberry shampoo. The tresses appeared as brown as an acorn top newly fallen from a mighty oak, although also displaying that amusing hint of burnt sienna so beloved by hobbits and dwarves alike.

Slowly the lithe figure began to stir, with fine delicate fingers kneading the satin trimmed hem on the exquisite hand embroidered damask quilt whilst the tousled locks were lifted higher up onto the eider down pillows covered in smooth cool egyptian cotton.Then a diminutive face emerged from the opulent bedding ensemble with such a radiant visage that it outshone even Earendil, the evening star..........

Do you honestly want me to keep going?