I Grok Tolkien

by Primula
written in response to complaints that Bingo and Lobelia was still too good...

I like those hobbit books, they was good
They makes me think of bad guys;
And good ones too.
They did lots of dangerous stuff
And really liked each other
Even when the going got really bad,
You know?

Really really really bad.
It was a rotten thing they had to do
Walking so far without shoes or hats.
The Ring was really really bad too -
It had all this writing on it.
It got heavy;
It got kind of hard to carry.
It kept giving Frodo all kinds of pain
And stuff, right?

Sam and Boromir really inspire some people.
They are cool guys that emote a lot;
And the one guy even dies.
Sam doesn't die, well, at least not much -
He likes plants, you know.
The other guy didn't like plants,
But he inspires me anyway, you know -
When he died and all that.
Remember when he shot over the falls?
It was cool, even without any car chases.

Middle Earth is really kind of pretty,
With all the neat stuff there is there,
Except for Mordor
Which needs to be vacuumed.
I guess dust and rocks are a good symbol for evil,
And Tolkien was pretty good at that stuff -
He wrote a lot.
So I really
Grok Tolkien.