Bad, Bad Tolkien Fiction

by Overlithe

The ring really was on Biblo’s mind again. Now that it was here in Rivercountry. He tried to forget what it felt like to hold it and keep it as his own. The ring was

Fordo’s now he had gave it to his cousin/nephew/relative many years ago before he moved out to be with the elfs. Biblo loved the elfs the cookies they made were excellent. He especially enjoyed the fudge striped ones. It was a difficult choice he knew it when he had begun.... do “I eat the fudge off the
cookie first or jsut eat the whole thing at once.” When he had the ring these kinda desitions had been easy.

Biblo thought if he culd jsut borrowmir the ring he would be able to conquer this indisishon fast. He had to have it back as his very own his presciousssssssss. He went to find Fordo he had to do it, he must have it back. He found his friend/cousin/nephew in the great hall singing loud and off key. Biblo thought “if I wait long enough the fool will climb on the table and sing....No doubt he’ll fall then I will grab the ring and the cookies and be gone.”

Sure enuf Fordo climed up and bagan dancing and jumping on the tables. The elf lords were beside themselfs with glee as they watched the happy hobbut cavort about. They gasped as he fell down the ring flew in the air yet again. And Biblo made his move. He wood soon have his ring.

The End