Bearing It II

by Mina Stirith

The fellowship continued on it's way to the elf kingdom Lorien after Gandalf had fallen down into Shadow and was unable to get up. Aragorn, Islidurs heir led the others through the beautiful yet mysterious woods. They were seeking the help of the Queen of the elfs Galadrial and her husband Celeborn.

As well as the eight members of the fellowship who were still left, two other's journeyed along with them. One was a huge and fierce looking bear! Earlier that day Legolas, the beautiful elf, had had to shoot her with one of his arrows to protect his friends. She thought they were trying to molest her cub, and in defending her young a mother bear will kill anyone who tries anything!!!

The fellowship at first had to carry her along in a sling. They were taking her along with them to Lorien for the elfs to heel with there elfish medicine. Fortunately for them they had found some Athelas and Aragorn had healed her so she was now walking along at his side like a faithful dog, Sam, riding on her back with Frodo, singing hobbit songs.

After them walked Legolas, the beautiful blonde elf, plus Gimli the Dwarf. Gimli was short, and had a long beard. Behind them were Boromir, who was the son of Stewart of Gondor plus two mischievous young hobbits Merry and Pippin.

And behind them was yet a tenth member of there fellowship! The baby bear squealed as it fell further and further behind the others!

"Why don’t you carry him Boromir," pleaded Pippin. "he’s too heavy for Merry and me."

"Denethor’s heir will NOT care to carry a bear!" Aragorn called back warningly.

But as the hobbits looked pleading up at Boromir they saw his eyes twinkle, and he chuckled as he scooped the baby bear up in to his arms. Unfortunately the cub was startled by his quick action. As the fellowship watched in dismay, the little one clawed Boromirs leather tunic, plus whatever he wore underneath, open to the waist!!!

"Sharp!" Boromir exclaimed looking down at the tiny, yet, strong claws. He put the squirming cub down.

Merry and Pippin swarmed around Boromir. "Are you OK?" they cried, reaching up and anxiously running there hands over Boromir’s chest, around which his clothing hung in tatters! "I'm fine, no need to fuss" said the warrior, firmly pushing the hobbits hands away from his chest as they continued to check out his body for woods.

"Please let us hold your sword!" said Pippin. "And your shield too. You have to much to carry as it is, let alone a bear!"

"Shield!" exclaimed Sam, "That gives me an idea!" Digging into his pack Sam pulled out some rope which he had fortunately thought to pack, thinking it might come in handy.

A few deft knots of the rope and the fellowship was on there way once more. One end of the rope was pulled along by Merry and Pippin, while the other end was firmly tied to the strap of Boromir’s shield, in which a baby bear rode in comfort!

The fellowship was like that, kind hearted and fun loving until the end!