Bearing It

by Mina Stirith

The fellowship was resting under some trees in the woods after Gandalf fell down in Moria. They were very tired as you can imagine! Plus still grieving for Gandalf.

"He has fallen into shadow" said Legolas sadly, a silvery tear running down from one of his beautiful blue eyes. He was a beautiful young elf with beautiful blonde hair.

"Get over it" said Gimli the Dwarf. "life must go on!"

Frodo and Sam sat a little apart from the others. Sam knew Fordo had loved Gandalf like a father or maybe a grandfather and his heart wept for his friend. Aragorn and Boromir were polishing there swords which had become quite dull after all there fighting in Moria. Boromir looked jealously at Aragorn’s which was bigger than his.

"Where’s Merry & Pippin?" Frodo exclaimed. The members of the fellowship looked around them. All they needed was to loose some one else! As if a Balrock and a cave troll weren’t enough!!

Suddenly Merry and Pippin appeared from behind some trees. Trotting behind them was an adorable baby bear cub!!! "Look what we found! Isn't he cute, cried Pippin.

"Not cool guys," said Aragorn sternly. "This young bear belongs with it's mother and father. We need to respect the environment in these woods and not molest the wild life. The elfs will kill us if we try any thing with him."

Suddenly there was a huge roar. A mother bear burst out of the bushes. She was heading straight for Merry and Pippin!!!

But suddenly a guy leaped out in front of them and between them and the bear. It was Boromir! "You shall not harm my little friends!!!" he yelled. The bear reared up on its hind legs. The warrior and the bear were facing each other, the man his sword and shield and the bear with it's huge fangs and claws!
Suddenly the bear leaped forward with a fierce roar and drove the mighty warrior to the ground. Every one screamed in terror as the female bear pinned Boromir’s helpless body down!

Suddenly a figure leaped on top of the bear. It was Aragon! "you shall not harm my brave friend!" he cried. The fellowship gasped as Aragorn wrestled with the fierce beast. It looked like Aragorn was winning when suddenly the bear flipped over and crushed the air to Gondor’s throne beneath her! With a savage roar the bear rose to its feet and lunged at Aragorn’s throat!!!

Suddenly, with his blonde hair streeming out behind him, Legolas leaped forward. "You shall not harm my noble friend" he exclaimed. Quick as a flash the beautiful elf shot an arrow into the bears shoulder.

With a pitiful yowl the mother bear crumpled to the ground. "She’s OK I just winged her," Legolas explained.

The eyes of the entire fellowship turned to the bear cub, who was still there and had scene everything! As they watched a tear slowly ran out of one of its eyes. "just like Frodo when Gandalf fell down into Shadow, thought Sam.

"Come on everyone" said Aragon. "this bear needs elfish medicine! Lets get her to Lorien!" Moving as one the fellowship surrounded the wounded bear and lifted her into a sling which they had made from Boromir’s cloak. Even though the bear had tried to kill them, they would do there best to save her. That was just the way they were, noble and compassionate to the end!