by Melbryn

Elrond the Halfelven Lord from Rivendell stood at the center of the council and addressed Frodo the Hobbit from the Shire,

"Present the All Powerful ONE Ring Frodo of the Shire," he said.

Frodo the Hobbit from the Shire, squinted his normally big wide blue eyes with suspicion.

"Well," he began, "Why must I? It's just your round, regular gold ring. I don't even think it's real gold. I think it's pewter plated with a shiny gold coating. Why, you can enter any Middle Earth Mercantile and find one just like it. I'm sure you all have seen one like this All Powerful ONE Ring many times."

Elrond the Elf Lord from Rivendell stood from his chair and placed his slender elven hands on his slim elven waist. His already arched eyebrows arched ever more menacingly. As he opened his thinnish elven lips to speak words of admonishment to Frodo the Hobbit from the Shire, Boromir the Mighty Son of the Steward of Gondor leapt from his own chair causing it to tumble backwards with a loud crash.

"Sorry, sorry," he stammered. "He's right, you know. Those rings have been popping up all over the place. See, look, I have one right here. The tradesman I got this one from said that a right big reward would be given to the bearer of this ring. He assured me it was the ONE. I thought I would present it to my Father, The Steward of Gondor and get him off my back about wresting it from the halfing."

Legolas Greenleaf FullElven of Mirkwood could take no more. Bounding from his chair ever so gently so as to not cause a disturbance such as Boromir, the Mighty..etc, etc, demanded in a haughty tone of voice,

"You hand that over to Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur and rightful King of Gondor you...you...kingly wannabe. It's rightfully his and...wait a minute...You do want it don't you Aragorn?"

"Actually," said Aragorn son of Arathorn, yadda, yadda, yadda...."I picked up one at the Middle Earth Mercantile in Minas Tirith on my way to Bree. I thought it would be a hoot to disappear for a while longer yet."

Elrond the Halfelven from Rivendell was finding it quite difficult to deal with these childish antics. He stood with all his Halfelvish stature. Tall he was too!

"Look here, enough with the childish antics - Frodo, the Hobbit...oh just present that blasted All Powerful ONE Ring - NOW," he bellowed.

All assembled turned to where Frodo the, yeah you know, him! sat. Gandalf stood, pulling his long white Beard.

"Now where, do you all suppose, in Middle Earth has that hobbit gone off to now?" he asked to no one in particular. He sat back down and pulled out his pipeweed and commenced to fill his pipe. "Best get us all refreshments , Elrond halfelven. blahddy, blah. He could be gone awhile."