The Fat, Rude Hobbit

by Gollum85

Long ago a fat, rude little hobbit came uninvited into Smeagol's nicccccce little cave. Good Smeagol wanted to be nice to the hobbit, so he played a game with him. But the nasssssssssssssssty Baggins cheated poor Smeagol!!!!!!! "What have I got in my [NASSSSSSSTY] pocket[ses]?" it says!!!!! Smeagol couldn't guess, it wasn't a fair riddle, the fat hobbit cheated!!!!! He stole Smeagol's birthday present and ran away like a filthy coward!!!!!!! So Smeagol left his nice cave and told Him about the filthy creature. Smeagol got even with Baggins, He sent the Nazgul after the thief's dirty little cousin!!! Then Smeagol found the Baggins' cousin and followed him, and he bit his nassssssssty finger off and caused him much earned pain and suffering, and then laughed in his faced and danced for joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!