The Wee Shiny Ring

by Garoc

Once there was a bad man who wanted to be in charge of everybody else in the place where he lived. This place was called middle-earth, not bottom earth or top-earth but middle-earth. He was very good at making horrible things but for some reason instead of making a big nasty horrible scary thing that would make everybody frightened and that he could not lose easily, he made a silly wee ring that was bright and shiny but could easily be lost and he put all his power into this. When everyone else got unhappy at this nasty man they went to tell him what they thought of him trying to tell them what to do, but a fight started and some people where hurt or worse than that was killed. In this fight the bad man,called sauron by the way, had his fingers chopped off and on these fingers wasthe silly wee shiny ring, and instead of running round saying it hurt hedisappeared in a puff of smoke! After this a man kept it but lost it when he was killed going over a big river, he did not drown as you might think crossing a bigriver but was shot by some nasty things that the bad man had made and onceagain the silly wee shiny ring was lost. The ring through hundreds and hundredsand hundreds of years was found by some funny looking people who also lost itbecause it was small and easy to lose, until one of them had a bright idea to put it on a chain so he could wear it round his neck, at the same time as he had thisidea, the bad man wante  to be in charge of everybody again, but because he decided to disappear into a puff of smoke he found it a hard thing to be incharge as he wasn’t scary enough looking like casper the ghost, so he neededto b  solid again so he looked scary and the only way he could do this was with his silly wee shiny ring, at this he regrets that he did not make a big nasty horrible scary thing in the first place and it makes him angry, so he sends out some nasty things to find his silly wee shiny ring. The person who put the silly wee shiny ring on the chain had been told by a old man with a grey beard that he could not keep the ring as the bad man wanted it back but so not to be bothered by the bad man ever again he had to destroy the silly wee shiny ring. The person who put the silly wee shiny ring on a chain was called frodo and he was a hobbit and the old man with the long grey beard was called gandalf and he was a wizard. Gandalf and frodo and some other people got together to take the ring to a volcano as this was the only place that you could destroy the silly wee shiny ring. Their names was sam who was a hobbit and merry who was a hobbit and pippin who was a hobbit and gimli who was a dwarf and legolas who was an elf and boromir who was a man and aragorn who was a man but who would also answer to strider, oh and gandalf would answer to mithrandir or other names as I don’t think he was fussy as long as he knew you were talking to him. Anyway they take the silly wee shiny ring to the volcano and melt it and the bad man can’t come back. The end!