Frodo's Time

by Cadsuane

The time had finally come, and he looked around with trepidation. It was time to give up the Ring, this golden, heavy curse that had lain in his pocket too long.And now the time was here; it had come to this at last.

Frodo stood up and looked at all the tall people who were sitting there watchinghim. “So – it is time then”, he thought.” I wish I did not have to do this. I wish Icould just throw the ring at them and run away. I wish I had never been involved in this adventure. I am not like Bilbo, and he is not like me”.

Slowly he walked to the table at the centre of the council, his head shyly bowed and his eyes looking up from underneath his extraordinarily long eyelashes. The time had come to finally get rid of the Ring.

They were all holding their breaths. He could hear them. The time had come toplace the ring on the table. But why this strange reluctance all of a sudden? Whydid he not want to give it up now? Why was the ring calling to him?

Try as he might, he could not get his hand out of his pocket. The ring was so weighty, so ponderous and hefty. Perhaps he should keep it? “No!” – he shouted inwardly. “No! I will be rid of you!”. And his hand came out, holding the yellow band, and he carefully placed it on the slab.

The time had come and gone. Now it was finished. He sighed with relief as he sat next to Gandalf. It was ended, and he could rest.