The Sad Fellowship

by Baron Wilderness

Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli and Fordo and Boromir and Merry and Pippin and Sam and Gimli walked trudgingly across the stony rocks that led from the hole in the wall that was the exit of the mines of Moria where they had just left from.
The hobbits were crying but the others were just sad because their wizard who was known as Gandalf and also Mithranir to the Elves and other names as well had just fallen down a hole inside.

Aragorn said to them that they should get up and walk about because the orgs would come out at night and they wanted their balrog back but they wouldn't because Gandalf also known as Mithranir to the Elves and other names as well had made it fall down the hole with him.
They were all sad.

After a while they were ok again and they walked to the woods where a Elf made them put their hands up with his bow because he thought they were going to steal the apples from his trees.

Aragorn said who they were and he let them go into the forest where the queen was waiting for them with her husband who was very wise and slow. He wanted to know where Mithrandir who was also known as Gandalf and other names as well was and they said that he had fallen down a hole with a balrog and the elf king was sad then as well. The queen used her powers and talked to Fordo without moving her lips and she made him scared because she said that he was standing on a knife and he looked in her puddle and it glowed and so did she and Fordo ran away.

They stole some boats from the elves and paddled to a waterfall where Boromir and Fordo had a fight about something then some other bigger orgs came along and they had a fight with Boromir as well who lost.

Then Aragorn had a fight with the orgs also and so did Legolas and Gimli and Merry and Pippin and Gimli but Fordo ran away and so did Sam who fell in the river but was alright.

Sam and Fordo wanted to walk over the mountains so they kept going but the others wanted to fight with the orgs who had stolen Merry and Pippin who had been with Boromir when he lost the fight to them.

Sam said they might all meet up again and Aragorn said lets hunt some orgs.

The end.