Six Word Stories

I just found these and am really impressed by the ability of some people to tell a complete story in just six words. It's based on the unproved tale that Hemmingway was challenged to write a complete story in just six words. As the story goes, Hemmingway won with, "For sale: baby shoes, never used."

After reading quite a few of these, I wondered how we would fare at creating Tolkien-based, six word stories. I'll start. If you feel inspired, please join in. Quality is not nearly so important as sharing the attempt.

"Parents; at Brandywine, Frodo slowly cries."  - Yaralindi


Maiden, not man: Witch-King's bane. - Daughter of Kings

Ring in hand with Deagol's blood.
- Yaralindi

Stars embrace my throat and feet. - agape4rivendell

Boat. Elven made. Swift current. Farewell. - agape4rivendell

Pockets empty of handkerchief, money, pipe. - Daughter of Kings

Osgiliath; Faramir charges as Pippin sings. - Yaralindi

Journey, melt the ring, fly home. - mousechief

Gollum's greed: frees Frodo, loses all. - Doctor Gamgee

Tossing rings, tossing dwarves. Epicness.  - Middle-earth Munchkin

Darkness; scratched stone as Frodo sleeps.- Yaralindi

Barrow-downs: It's the Wight Place! - Daughter of Kings

Missing: far more than silver spoons. - Primula