The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Original "challenge" by Agape4Rivendell:

24 Days of Christmas Challenge          

Hi, folks,

If you've noticed - I've kind of set up a DRABBLE challenge based on one from another board, HASA. Juno Magic started the thing, and sends out the 'subject' for the day. If you'd like to join me....

Each topic is italicized and bolded.

Day 1 is twenty-four dancing dwarves
Day 2 is twenty-three obstinate oliphants

Day 3 - come back and see...

Hope you join me in the fun - either for one day or all twenty-four!

Click on each Day to see what was written for them.  Some of them contain overlapping days as some die-hards tried to squeeze as many of the previous in as they could with their fresh one.  Sheesh.  ;-)

Many thanks for this challenge to JunoMagic and Aranel Took of:
"There and Back Again (and how to get there in the first place)" -  a writers' workshop for Tolkien fan fiction in LJ style