The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 17: Eight Eager Elves

Gandalf turned to the hobbits. "Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say do not weep; for not all tears are... OOOF! ow ow ow ow ow."

Eight eager Elves elbowed past like a rugby team, knocking the old wizard down and trampling his white robes as they jostled onto the waiting ship.

Frodo laughed down at him, extending a hand to help him to his knees. "They're going with us?"

"The grace and delicacy of Elves is highly overrated," grumbled Gandalf, dusting himself off. "Especially when they're near the sea. It's not unlike a cat in a patch of catnip, something I always intended to study but never got around to it. Now, what was I saying?"

"Ow ow ow ow ow," offered Pippin helpfully.


It was much to his honor that old Bilbo found no less than eight eager Elves rising to assist him over the threshold and to the fire of the hall, for it was a rare occurance that any of them should even recall, much less request, a song composed by someone of another race. Settling by the fire, he considered the notes he had scribbled on a piece of parchment, The Ballad of The Elves and How they are Better than the Dwarves. He asked for his tea first, hoping they wouldn't realize it was intended as parody.

- Primula

Eight Eager Elves

Eight eager Elves
crowded around the tree

Which one would see
his ornament first
up on the tree.

Jumping up and down,
Haldir found his by

The other Elves
all sat down grumpily
with a bad case of envy!

- Silivren Ithildin
The Rivendell Filmfest

They stood quietly in line, as quietly as Elves can when the fever consumes them. No jostling, no speech, just reserved waiting. Frodo and Sam looked at each other in consternation. They had long watched Elves spend time in quiet thought, but not for this long. They had been here two hours; yet not one Elf had moved.

Suddenly, a shout was heard. “He is coming,” they shouted, “He is coming!”

Cameras were held up, large banners unfurled, and eight eager Elves pushed themselves forward while at least another hundred raised their voices in fevered screams. In walked Orlando Bloom.

(I'm sorry - I couldn't help it - I thought of all those fans at the Toronto Film Festival and this popped out!)


Stocking all the Christmas shelves,
With hairspray, eight eager Elves.
- Primula

Eight eager Elves ate a plate of meager smells
Of sharp, salt scallops in their tart and malty shells,
As no pleasant pheasant present that the crescent peasant sells,
And in the morning crawling, clenching their stomach's warning bells.
- Laiquendi
Plop plop fizz fizz
Eight eager Elves it is,
Fizz fizz swig, ahhh,
No longer feeling blah.
- Primula

Legolas’s Help – A Drabble

When Legolas heard that he would help with putting up the pine garland around the feasting hall for the Christmas party from eight eager elves he was delighted until he saw they were really fan girls!

“Oh no!” he exclaimed with eyes wide with fear while he tried to exit the hall in haste.

However the girls were quicker and once they had tackled him to the floor they then wrapped the pine garland around him before dragging him off. Later he re-appeared looking dazed and disheveled with lipstick on his face and pine needles in his finger mussed hair…
- Dinledhwen

Legolas’ Help – part II

Gimli came over and sat down by the dazed Elf, looking askance at his unusually mussed hair, and the pink marks upon his countenance.

"How many were there?" he asked. "Were they armed?"

"Eight..." said his comrade, wiping with futility at his face. "They ambushed me, disguised as Elves, and were far too eager."

"Eight eager Elves or no, they'll soon learn to respect you!" growled his friend. He hefted his axe, which still had bits of Yule log and tinsel stuck to it.

"No...don't!" his friend cried as he stomped off. Too late! The Dwarf was done for!

Legolas’ Help – part III

"Alas!" cried Legolas, "What will become of him? He knows not what dire enemies he faces! Eight eager Elves! Where is my bow?"

"Here it is," said Merry, handing him a large fluffy red-and-gold one.

"Not that bow," he said with frustration. "My weapon! Oh no, my Elf eyes perceive you too have been attacked, Merry. I see lipstick upon thy face, and a dazed look in thy eyes."

"Heh," said Merry, burying himself in an oddly giggling mound of wrapping paper.

"Khazad! Kha...aiiiigh!" came Gimli's voice. "Nooo! Don't braid it, no bows! No jingle bells! Arrrgh! Eee-hee-hee, that tickles!"

Legolas' Help - part IV

Aragorn, his arms filled with trays of danishes, stopped in the hall, astonished. Was this Gimli? Their stalwart warrior?

The stocky Dwarf staggered past, his helmet and armor askew. His beard was braided with colored ribbon, each ending in a jingle bell and bow. What Aragorn could see of his dazed face seemed unusually pink.

"What....?" he began.

"Eight...eager Elves...." gasped the Dwarf. "Kha..."

Aragorn never heard the rest - his danishes flew into the air, a rain of pastry bouncing off Dwarven armor. There was the sound of giggling and shrieks as the Ranger suddenly disappeared into the adjacent doorway.

Legolas' Help - part V

Boromir entered, shrugging his shoulders to shed the snow as he shut the cold out.

"There are tracks in the snow that I don't recognize..." he began, but stopped when he saw Gimli and Legolas' dishevelled appearances. "What's happened here?"

Aragorn crawled out of the side-hall, his hair appearing moussed and his fingernails painted a bright fuschia. "Boromir! Beware!" he gasped from his lip-stick patterned visage, "Eight eager Elves... they're on the loose!"

"What?" said Boromir. "Where? Glahh...mmph!" His armload of firewood clattered to the floor and his swirling cloak followed him in a surprisingly rapid departure behind the Christmas tree.

Legolas' Help - part VI

Frodo blinked as he entered to find Legolas and Gimli scrubbing each other's faces while Aragorn flopped nearby. And Boromir! Strong Boromir, reduced to a heap beside the tree, pink lip-marks upon him and his hair all fluffy! A large bow dangled around his neck and he looked stunned.

"Oh no," he said. "I know this! Sam! Help! Hide me! There must be fangirls nearby!"

"Yessir!" called Sam, gasping. "They're dressed like eight eager Elves and they're right there! Run! This way!"

He grabbed his Master's hand and all but dragged him through the kitchen door, the hoard in hot pursuit.

Legolas' Help - part VII

Pippin and Merry protested from someplace under the Christmas tree as two more fangirls shot out from the wrapping paper wads to join the eight eager Elves in their pursuit of Frodo, nearly trampling the yet-dazed Boromir.

"It just isn't fair!" said Pippin, who was if anything even more mussed and pink than his cousin.

"Heh, look at me! I'm Frodo!" said Merry, holding two blue glass ornaments to his eyes.

There was a tremendous amount of noise now coming from the kitchen, and they all (for different reasons) wondered if they should go to their companion's defense or not...

Legolas' Help - part VIII

Sam and Frodo were desperate - even the dutch oven wasn't big enough to hide them and the eight eager Elves behind them cooed and squealed with delight as they were cornered against the unyielding pot-rack.

"Sam!" Frodo was soon dragged, wide-eyed, into his doom but Sam grabbed at his hand as it vanished into the giggling mass.

"Hang on! Don't let go!"

"Eeeeee!" said one fangirl, "Look, what hazel eyes!" She adoringly ruffled Sam's hair.


The fangirls shrieked, but this time with a new note of fear.

"Hands off him! Back you devils!" cried Rosie, swinging her pan again

Legolas' Help - Part IX

If there was ever a scene of heroism and panic, this was it. Rosie swung with all the strength she'd nurtured with her years of hefting kegs, swung for her man.

The eight eager Elves were soon in full-blown retreat, hastily scrambling over one another to escape, though it was noted that while they abandoned Sam they did carry Frodo along with them, bearing him away as in a tide of jellyfish.

Sam lay panting on the floor, his Rosie standing over him like Luke in a Star Wars poster, except with her blouse laced and a pan over her head, triumphant.

Legolas' Help - Part X

The screeching tangle of fangirls tumbled back into the main room. Legolas, who had regained both his composure and his appearance in the intervening moments, stood at ready with his bow in hand, indecisive.

Alas for the Elf! It took only a glance for the eight eager Elves to recall their original passion, dropping the mildly mussed-up Frodo into the wrapping-paper before pouncing towards Legolas again.

"Hey!" said Merry, nearly flattened by his cousin. "Come back!"

It was too late. Out into the swirling snow swept the lot of them, the frantic Elf leaping over the white crust to escape.

- Primula