The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 18: Seven Soggy Crebain

It had rained on them all the way back to Isengard, but they were a happy bunch as they flew into Orthanc, since they had found out what their master wanted. But the happiness only lasted until they flew smack into Saruman’s housekeeper, who chased the seven soggy crebain right back out the door with a broom.
- Ashlyn

"Here you are, Master. I've found us some food! See?" said Sam, sliding down to the crevasse in the rocks where Frodo waited for him.

"Food? I'm not sure I want to know what those orcs eat, Sam..."

"Oh, it's not so bad," he said with false cheerfulness. He drew out a line of pinfeathered lumps. "We can just pretend they're chickens. Roast chickens."

"Roast chickens?" said Frodo, skeptically looking at the seven soggy crebain, pathetically dripping with broth.

"Well, all right, they're not so well dressed. But with a pinch of salt they'll be tasting right fine. I promise."
- Primula

(I hope you don't think I took your idea about roasted things... it came to me, before I read yours, on my way home from church!)


 The snow fell hard about them in great cascades. Some were crushed under its weight; others were missed in the fall and flew as quickly as possible back to Orthanc.

“Where are the others?” he screamed his rage. “How do you not return with news?”

He was stopped by the whoosh of another pack of his minions, flying fast and furious into the caverns. Scowling, he turned to face them.

“We was caught, master, by your own avalanche. But we found them,” their leader chortled.

Seven soggy crebain warmed themselves by the pit as their brethren roasted on the spit.

 It does seem like the logical thing to do with birds, doesn't it?

From the winter storm
Seven soggy crebain flew,
Befeathered iceballs.

On a dare, Pippin was encouraged by his friends to visit the mysterious Psychic Peg and have his Tarot Cards read…

“Why hello there Peregrin Took. ”
“Hey! You knew my name! ”
“I’m not called Psychic Peg just for the Lottery numbers you know. So you are here to have your cards read, hmmm? ”
“If you wouldn’t mind, Oh Great Predictive One. ”
“OK then, the first card is…. The 42 Fat Tooks. ”
“Sounds bad. ”
“It is, my child, a bad omen. ”
“What does it mean? ”
“A visit from family. ”
“Ouch, painful! ”
“So what’s next then?”
“… The Party Tree.”
“That it?”
“Well what did you expect?”
“Something more cryptic, like The Deadly Party Tree of Death, or Hangman’s Tree, or something.”
“No, just The Party Tree.”
“Is its meaning cryptic?”
“Well what does it mean then?”
“Take a wild guess. It comes before ‘Tree’, and after ‘The’.”
“A Party?”
“Wow, exciting, so what’s next?”
“… The 7 Soggy Crebain.”
“The 7 Soggy Crebain?”
“Yep. You know, the birds, just mmm… moist.”
“Right… and what are they suppose to mean?”
“Bring an umbrella.”
“Gotcha. Next?”
“… The 4 Muddy Towels.”
“Ohhhh, disgusting. But why only four?”
“It’s a cheap Hobbit.”
“Ahhh, and what are they for then? ”
“Next year’s mathom.”
“Anything else? ”
“4 gold coins.”
“Is that a portent of wealth? ”
“It is for me, cough up!”

And with that Pippin deposited 1 gold coin and 3 shiny bronze coins in the hope that she wouldn’t notice, when suddenly Psychic Peg vanished in cloud of pink smoke. On the wind Pippin could hear the cackle of evil laughter, and a lot of coughing.
- Laiquendi