The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 5: Twenty Gawking Gondorians

Fathers and Fire        

They had a right to stare. Never before had such a thing occurred. Never before had anyone done such a thing. There were ‘Do Not Pass’ signs everywhere. No one was to cross the line. The guards did naught. But he understood why.

Slowly, he walked towards the fountain. ‘I cannot chide him,’ he thought. “I would do the same.’ The smell was atrocious; fumes spiraling skyward, smoke blocking out the sun.

He shuddered. Then he walked forward and shooed the twenty gawking Gondorians away. If his father needed to put out the flames this way, what could he do?


Twenty Gawking Gondorians

Twenty gawking Gondorians
didn't know where to look first,
should they watch Legolas
who held it so high,
or look at Gimli
who tried to grab it.
The Elf laughing,
The Dwarf scowling,
One playing keep away,
The other jumping and stretching.
The twenty gawking Gondorians
suddenly couldn't stop
the gales of laughter
at the tableau
being played out.
All for love of the last
Chocolate Chip Cookie!

-Silivren Ithildin

Aragorn straightened the crown upon his head, squared the flowing robe upon his shoulders, and stifled the grins of the Twenty Gawking Gondorians with a firm, level gaze.

“Tomorrow, we march to the black gate to challenge all the orcs of Mordor.” Aragorn said, as he brushed dirt from his elbows. “These Halflings are fearless when faced with such a challenge, and fierce in battle for love of their kinsman.”

He reached the door of the tent, turned to the guard who trembled there, and helping him stand, whispered.

“I trust there will be no more jokes about Short Rations.”

- Doctor Gamgee

"Dignity, always dignity," breathed Denethor as they walked down the glittering white steps. "Remember your heritage, Boromir. Lift your chin. Step with me."

"Where is Faramir?"

"He was to prepare the way. The city leaders need to see how dignified our House is! Pull your shoulders back. Chin up, I said."

"But father..."

"Dignity, always dignityyyy... WHOOOOOP!"

Twenty gawking Gondorians in expensive dress scattered like mice as a large tumbling ball of velvet and furs came flailing down the recently polished steps.

A young boy, polishing rag in hand, giggled and ran, in a dignified manner, out of the room.

- Primula