The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 23: Two Laughing Lovers

I am a laughing lover and I’m singing the lovers song,
Becareful of her mother as she always gets it wrong,
Don’t listen to her brother because his hair is now so long,
There is no any other and for her I’m singing this song.

Oh lady fair and lady kind what have you done to me
I have quite lost my very mind from this song it’s plain to see,
My heart inside your will to bind so don’t ever let me free,
You are the one I was to find and now lovers let us be.

One is lonely and quite sad just sitting by itself,
No wonder it is rather mad with dodgy mental health,
But two is never like that bad when joined in lovers wealth,
And you and me together add the beauty of an Elf.

I can make you smile just like you can make me laugh,
Haven’t laughed in a while but now it’s time and half,
You talk with love and guile as you lead me down the path,
Collapsing in a pile and then relaxing by the hearth.

We are two laughing lovers and we’re singing the lovers song,
No longer like the others and no longer feeling wrong,
We have no need for covers just our love that beats so strong,
There can never be another and for her I’m singing this song.
- Laiquendi

Two in Bag End

When all the children are snug in their beds,
With visions of sugarplums upon their heads,
(And under their pillows, and clutched in their hands)
Isn't the late night of Christmas Eve grand?

For after all thirteen little heads are laid down,
All thirteen socks stuffed with sweets by the pound,
All thirteen gifts waiting beneath fragrant tree,
Then snuggled by fire, what would Santa see?

Two laughing lovers, both tired but cheery,
Curled up by the fireside, no longer weary,
Taking one more hour from much-needed sleep,
Sam gets from Rosie a Christmas kiss to keep.
- Primula


She looked down in love. Her hopes had all been centered upon this day. His sleeping form lay in her lap. She brushed his cheek with her hand, holding her breath for the joy of it. His own handless limb lay still.

Though her entire race looked askance at their bond, she would not deny it. They had suffered terribly. Now, the Valar had blessed them. He woke, saw her gentle smile and laughed. How infectious was it! She joined him in his laughter. As she had joined him in everything.

Eru looked down, smiling at the two laughing lovers.
- Agape4Rivendell

The captain of the corsair ship stumped down from the poop and frowned heavily at his mate. "What is this I hear?" he roared with a non-too-gentle breath, "Two laughing lovers aboard my ship? Arrrr! We'll have no such shenanigans here! They'll soon learn better than to do any patty-cakes or flirtin' among my men."

"You misunderstand, sir," quavered the mate. "It weren't two laughing lovers a-tall, it were them two lapping lubbers, down thar in the drink, the ones what we found stowed away 'mid the barley and threw overboard!"

"At least they ain't gigglin' - carry on."

- Primula

Two laughing lovers and a chorus of frogs
Watching the fish leap and drifting of logs
The first day for baby to hear the stream sing
But he frets at the sunlight as if it would sting

Two laughing lovers just bursting with pride
This fellow is chubby as two, side by side
He coos with contentment on seeing her ring
While Grandma just frowns and covers the thing.
- Beruthiel