The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 6: Nineteen Weary Wargs

Nineteen Weary Wargs

Nineteen weary wargs
gave great gasps for breath
wondering what had happened.

Glancing around
they were bemused to find
the two little Hobbits gone.

Surely the tiny Hobbits
hadn't gotten the best of them
but, then if not, where were they?

The Hobbits had
used this opportunity
to run away.

Nineteen weary wargs
hated that a game of Tag
had lost them a meal of Hobbits.

- Silivren Ithildin

Warg Fodder

“Up one hill, down another, lookin’ fer halflings. Don’t that wizard care that we get tired?”

“Shut yer gob,” his rider screamed. “He knows everything. He’ll hear ya; then we’ll be pickin’ yer bones fer supper tonight.”

“Sh!” the orc next to him said. “I’m ready for roast warg, with a light cranberry and orange sauce, and some sweet pertaters.”

“Some wine and choc’lates. Them kind he brings back when he goes to Gondor. I love them choc’lates.” The first orc drooled.

“There could be an accident?” The other wondered.

Nineteen full, but weary wargs came home rider-less that night.

- Agape4Rivendell

The shaft of Haldir knocked the last orc off the back of the warg from a furlong away. A howl came on the wind from the pack as nineteen weary wargs turned tail and ran for the river.

“Hroom Hoom! That is rather odd indeed,” said Quickbeam. “Usually, a pack of wargs will attack whether it has an orc-rider or no.”

“Quickbeam, my friend,” replied Haldir, “I think you forget your wargish; that was not a call of anger.” Haldir's keen elvish ears heard:

‘Hey, look! Saruman just threw a ball from the tower! Time for a game of ‘Catch!’
- Doctor Gamgee

Warggin' Along

 To the tune of "We ain't got a Barrel of Money (Side by Side)

Oh, we've all got a hide that is hairy, maybe we’re ragged and wary,
But we’re wargging along, snarling a song, side by side.

We don’t know what’s a-coming tomorrow, maybe it’s trouble and sorrow,
But we’ll chew on the foes, taking the blows, side by side.

Through all kinds of weather, what if our breath should stink?
Just as long as we’re together, we really don't reason or think,
When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted, we’ll be the same as we started,
Just wargging along, snarling our song, side by side.

Yeah, we're nineteen weary wargs, not that we really can count,
Just as long as we’re together we'll be fed, so we haven't a doubt.
Now, when they’ve all had their quarrels and parted, we’ll be the same as we started,
Just a-wargging along, snarling a song, side by side.
- Primula

What a day! First, the goblins had been late. Then there was a pack of dwarves at the meeting place, which should have provided some sport while waiting for the goblins, but somehow the quarry all escaped into the trees – not a single one caught. To make matters worse, the dwarves had a Wizard with them! A Wizard who threw bright fireballs down on them from his treetop perch, burning them cruelly. Why, he even hit The Chief smack on the nose with one!

Things started to look up for a moment when the goblins finally showed up. They set fire to the trees to burn the dwarves out. Roasted dwarf is better than nothing, after all.

Alas, it was but a momentary hope. Of all things, the Eagles came swooping by and snatched their sport right out from under their very noses, as it were, so there wasn’t even roast dwarf to compensate them for their pains.

At least, the night was over, so it was unlikely that things would get any worse than they already were.

Nineteen weary Wargs crept home with their tails between their legs.

- Daughter of Kings

The horns were heard and the excitement was high.

"Rohan! Rohan! Rohan comes to our aid!"

The sun rose, flaming and golden over the beleaguered city, and the first wave of horses thundered down upon the armies of Mordor. The sun rose yet higher throwing the shadows of the last of the Riders who waddled after the rest; the shadows of nineteen weary wargs drew out over the plain. Nineteen very bloated, well-fed wargs, each one nearly invisible underneath their heavy load of Rohan soliders. Eating those horses really, really had been a terribly foolish thing to do.
- Primula