The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 7: Eighteen  Earnest Ents

A drabble-and-a-half -

The Forest hadn't seen this much action for an Age, mused Treebeard. To the south twenty-three obstinate oliphaunts, refusing to listen to their riders, had swerved off course, pushing over several elms. To the west, a local birdwatching group who had apparently been seeking the rare 'dancing dwarf' variety of nuthatch were thus huddled around a clearing with twenty-four 'dancing dwarves' in it, not paying attention to anything else. With no lookout, the group had been found by twenty-one ornery orcs seeking a snack, and no fewer than twenty-two Red Rangers (the Green team already having been called away) had popped up out of the bushes to protect the twenty gawking Gondorians that made up that group. Now they were in the north, all eighteen earnest Ents that he could find on short notice, methodically stomping nineteen weary wargs into the ground, and it wasn't even time for tea!
- Primula

“We don’t bend,” he stated flatly.

“Well, I don’t know how else you’ll be able to fit in.”

“You promised you would take care of everything. We left our home, traveled far, and now we find we cannot get in. Perhaps we were too hasty in accepting your invitation.”

“Let me ask the Elf.” He turned, mumbling to himself. “I could cut them in half.”

“Hroom hum. What was that you said?”

The Elf had heard. Chuckling he suggested, “Shouldn’t take you long to make the entrance larger.”

“What!” Gimli spluttered. “Deface such beauty for only eighteen earnest ents? Never!”
- Agape4Rivendell

“Hoom, hoom… what did those… hoom… Hobbits… call this? Something… hasty… “ Treebeard lifted the white, fluffy strands draped over his fingers.

“Popcorn” replied Quickbeam as he helped Treebeard settle the strands around his body, “and the red ones are cranberries. Here.” He wound a string of the cranberries around Treebeard’s head.

“These… Hobbits… are certainly… hoom... odd… creatures,” mused Skinbark, “with rather… odd… ways about them.” The old Ent was already draped in alternating strings from head to knees, and was in the process of handing out strings of popcorn and cranberries to the newest arrivals at the edge of the Old Forest.

Eighteen earnest Ents joined the Hobbits’ celebration by trimming themselves.

- Daughter of Kings

Eighteen Earnest Ents

Eighteen earnest Ents
pleaded to have their entry
allowed in the Chili cook-off.

Aragorn, being head judge
was trying to think of a
diplomatic way to refuse.

Giving it up as a lost cause
Aragorn went to the event coordinator
for some much needed help.

Gandalf upon hearing the problem
gave a great groan
as he too tried diplomacy.

Looking into their pot
Gandalf almost gagged
at the concoction.

Telling them gently
Gandalf said it was too great
to be judged by mere men.

It would not be fair.
So eighteen earnest Ents
went back home with their "chili".

-Silivren Ithildin

Earnest Ents

Standing by
Rohan's tents;
Wave their branches,
Work their roots,
Guarding even
Rohan's boots.
Men know not
They guarded are,
Sleeping sound
Beneath the stars,
Men know not
The trees were sent:
Earnest Ents.
- Primula