The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 8: Seventeen Cunning Corsairs

There were seventeen cunning corsairs,
Who rowed in their boat taking shares,
But they cheated and sneaked,
And such havoc they wreaked,
'Twas mostly each other be-wared!
- Primula

Seventeen cunning corsairs

trying to be sneaky
instead of just squeaky.

Unfortunately for them
a tall Ranger they came upon
who with lies they couldn't con.

Seventeen cunning corsairs
lost their evil crew,
the King they had to give his due.

Taken over before they knew it
by an Elf, a Dwarf and a Man
of whom I am a Fan.

Seventeen cunning corsairs
went to Gondor's aid
as the King had bade.
- Silivren Ithildin

Should one hear Seventeen Cunning Corsairs,
Do they 'arrg' or 'woo-hoo': don't split hairs!
But the question at hand,
for this 'lubber' o' land:
When the're singing, does one hear course airs?
- Doctor Gamgee


 Silent was the night and the ship that sailed down the Anduin. The plan had been perfected the night before. Slip up the river under cover of night, hit the little town quickly, despoil it and its women, take new slaves to replace those that had died, and fly before sunrise. The men rubbed their hands in delight. Gondorians had always been such easy prey and so easy to deceive.

As the ship approached, Rangers slid into the cold chill of the great river. A skiff, filled with the enemy, pushed off from the boat. Faramir gave the call of the peregrine and the men slowly wended their way towards the dinghy, holding bamboo reeds to breath through.

Swiftly, men were pulled from the craft at one fell swoop so that not a cry for help could pass their lips.

"Thought they were seventeen cunning corsairs, didn't they?" gloated Faramir.
- Agape4Rivendell

To the tune of "A Bicycle Built for Two"

Sailing, sailing,
Over the briny waves,
Came they sailing,
Hoping for men to blaaaave.

Seventeen cunning corsairs,
All dressed in rags and horsehair,
They don't smell sweet
When ghosts they meet,
And dive, their own skins to save!
- Primula