The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 9: Sixteen Singing Eagles

Fair was the day in Ithilien, and bright seem'd the morn when they heard; the straggling handful of men, too wounded to fight felt their hearts lift at the sound of it. The march upon the Black Gates had been a fool's errand, they had thought, a sure defeat, naught but the last bitter dregs of a long and weary cup they had drained since their youth. But lo! The clouds seemeth to draw away, and a great wonder broke forth, sixteen singing eagles proclaiming to all they passed, proclaiming the end of Sauron's deadly reign and the King's return.
- Primula

Bilbo's Misfortune

“Which way did they go? Which way did they go?” the befuddled eagle wondered aloud. “I can’t keep up this pace much longer. Why on earth did that little one latch onto the fat ones legs? I can hardly fly high enough. Couldn’t that Hobbit have waited a moment? Till another of us offered her services?” Turning to the Hobbit and the Dwarf below her, she asked, “Are you comfortable?” while gritting her teeth the entire time.

Suddenly, in the distance, she heard it – the sweet call of sixteen singing eagles – and she knew where they were headed!

- Agape4Rivendell

The Flight of the Wizard

In the long days of abundance,
The sunny days of sweets,
The West-of-west grew fatter
With delightful foods replete.

And those who had retired there,
The Maia and the Elve,
Were filled with rich delights,
And were free to stuff themselves.

It was after many years when
Gandalf received a note,
Asking to visit once again,
The Shire, now quite remote.

But alas! His robe was larger,
A size X-L-X-L,
And his beard projected straight ahead,
Laid out on stomach shelved.

He could not fit within the boat
The Valar sent to take him,
He could not squeeze within it,
Nor could anybody make him.

At last they hit upon it!
A declaration made it be:
Sixteen singing eagles
Airlifted him over the sea.

Into a hammock climbed he,
Quite comfortable and wide,
And sixteen singing eagles
Flew him swiftly over the tide.
- Primula