The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 10: Fifteen Hot Haradrim

The desert winds blew scorching across the straggling remains of the great golden dunes. The sand had been their marching companion for far too long, and they were weary for some sight of anything growing besides their own wavering shadows in the sun.

With great relief the fifteen hot Haradrim finally reached the thin greenery bounding the desert. The trees were a strange kind, but the water was sweet at their feet and shade luxurious beyond reckoning. It was only in the evening, around their cookfires that any dismay arose.

"Aii! My marshmallows, they're all melted into one big glob!"

Fifteen hot Haradrim sittin' in a tree...

Let's see, what can we do here - hmmm...

Conquering mountains,
Fifteen hot Haradrim get
Oliphaunt duty.
- Primula

The sandstorm choked even the mûmak, a gift from Prince Angamaite to Gondor upon the sealing of the peace agreement. Nine days of blowing sand and blistering heat had passed since they set out to find the rebel camp. Their Captain called a halt.

“Is it always like this?” his men asked.

“According to Elessar King, this is what the land gives. The sting of the desert mimics the sting of the snows of the White Mountains, does it not?”

Elessar walked forward. “‘Tis those fifteen hot Haradrim I see ahead who will feel our sting, King Éomer.”

PS - Peace did not come to Gondor and Rohan immediately - I found a little known fact (at least to me) that Elessar and Éomer did indeed have to go to Harad to quell an uprising after the War of the Rings....


Really! I didn't know that either. All sorts of odd tales waiting there for a writer with a taste for Lawrence of Arabia - nice piece too. I don't seem to be able to take them seriously, myself...

The matriarchs of Gondor's lowest circle knew when the well-loved young sons of the Steward were due to return; every banner was hung, flags were waved and their daughters hopeful bosoms were strategically beribboned. It was their habit to wonder at the handsome pair, gabbling over their tea and laundry as to whom they might wed one day. The home-grown handsome features were prime real-estate; thus it was to the great astonishment of all when the many eligible maidens of the neighborhood suddenly deserted their posts to elope with fifteen hot Haradrim who had arrived from the exotic South.

- Primula