The 24 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 12: Thirteen Giggling Gamgees

Pippin hadn't minded coming to Bag End for the holidays even if it was a bit crowded at times; Rosie was a generous and competent cook, aided in the kitchen by Sam and whatever child was currently at hand. It was only times like this that he wondered what he had been thinking - times when Rosie and Sam decided having him there was a good excuse for them to go off together for a while, alone.
He had survived the wrestling, the salt in his tea and the custard down his back, but sighed and resignedly dropped the armload of firewood he carried as he heard the bolt go home in the door before he quite got there. Thirteen giggling Gamgees japed at him through the windows all along the Hill, especially when he began jumping up and down and his teeth chattered in his uttering of dire threats, bringing new waves of childish hilarity in muffled sounds through the glass.

"They done it again, have they?" waved the elderly Daddy Two-foot from the road nearby. "Come have a warm cup, Cap'n, it's no use a threatenin' that lot. They'll only listen to their da. And don't you be worritin', they shan't be thirteen gigglin' Gamgees when His Honor and the missus git back."

Thirteen, giggling,
With jam jars all ran
In the door.
"Don't drop them!"
Rose shrieked,
And from apron she peeked
As they all wiggled
Near 'cross the floor.

"We won't!" they all said,
"Uncover your head,
Mother dearest,
We're helping you, see?"

"I know you mean well,
But from what I can tell
Thirteen jars are too
Many for me!"

- Primula

Rosie trip on skate.
Thirteen Giggling Gamgees saw.
Mother not amused.

Rosie make mad face.
Thirteen Giggling Gamgees run.
"Wait 'til Father comes."

Rosie Tells Sam tale.
Fourteen Giggling Gamgees grin.
Sam in the Dog House.
- Doctor Gamgee

(to the tune of Old MacDonald - not quite canon...)

Sam and Rosie had thirteen kids.
Ai, Ai, Ooooh
Thirteen kids meant twenty-nine pets.
Ai, Ai, Ooooh.

With a bah bah here
And a neigh neigh there
Here a woof,
There a hoof,
Everywhere a squeel, squeel,

Samwise and Rosie had thirteen kids,
Ai, Ai, Ooooh.

Sometimes they’d cry
Sometimes they’d giggle
Ai, Ai, Ooooh
But most times they’d just sit and wiggle
Ai, Ai, Ooooh

Is it ready yet?
And I’m hungry still
Will you please be quiet?
Will you please sit still?

Samwise and Rosie had thirteen kids
Ai, Ai, Ooooh

One fine spring day, they ran away
Ai, Ai, Ooooh
The kids looked under rock and hay
Ai, Ai, Ooooh

Where could be Sam?
Rosie’s disappeared?
They went and hid
And left us here.

One fine spring day, they ran away.
Ai, Ai, Ooooh!

- Agape4Rivendell

How about a wandering acrostic sort of thingy...?

Though busy the home under the
Hill, filled as it was with children,
Into the days of washing and
Rinsing, cooking and sewing,
Tales by fires and lessons by day,
Even the smallest child heard
Everyday a bit of laughter, had the
Need for a smile and a hug fulfilled.

Gamgee, read the name on the letters,
Inked in gold for the Mayor Himself,
Gamgee, read the name on the postbox,
Gamgee the name the tags on gifts.
Little feet of every size, little hands
In the flour and the butter,
Never such a busy, laughing home as the
Gamgees of Hobbiton.

Games to play, jokes to tell,
Amusements and pranks to try,
Mother and Father and thirteen
Giggling Gamgees
Ever someone of good cheer,
Ever someone happy here,
Such a lovely place to be!

- Primula

Jingle Elf – A Drabble

“Come on Legolas! Where is your Christmas Spirit?” Aragorn asked with a big grin on his face while he spoke through the closed bedroom door in BagEnd.

“Aragorn please! I can’t go to the party wearing this!”

“Sure you can!”

“No I can’t!”

“Legolas why don’t you open the door and let me be the judge.”

So Legolas did that and when Aragorn saw the too small bell festooned green Santa elf costume on his friend he broke out laughing. Soon he was joined by thirteen giggling Gamgees before Legolas could quickly slam the door close with a loud jingle.
- Dinledhwen