The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

Far Sight by Eglerio Hyn

In response to Lizmybit's challenge:

Thought I'd do something different, yet using the idea the film presented in Arwen dreaming of Aragorn and such...hope you like it! ;-) I like these challenges! ;-)

Arwen lay on a beautiful couch, a pale luminous gown flowing over her. A smile touched her lips as she closed her eyes. Dreaming…

She saw him, on the great river Auduin, with the fellowship. The water lapped gently at their boat, lulling the hobbits to sleep. Aragorn seemed disturbed about something, his eyes searching to and fro on the banks.
Arwen looked deeper into the forest of her dream, and saw what troubled him so. Orcs! Arwen sighed heavily she could do nothing to help them. A thought crossed her mind, and she willed it so. Her hand caressed Aragorn’s face for a moment, before she whispered words of warning into his ear. She noticed no change on his face, and felt disheartened.

“I love you” she murmured softly. She saw that Aragorn smiled thoughtfully, as he heard her words inside his head.
Regretfully she pulled herself from the dream, and sat up from the couch. A young he-elf was watching her. His name was Nathiel and only about four hundred years old.

“My Lady, your father wishes to see you.” He vanished as quickly as he had appeared, and Arwen smiled.
A short walk among the beauty of Imladris brought her to her father’s chambers.

“You wished to see me father? She asked bowing her head slightly.

“Yes” he came closer and lifted her chin up with his finger.

“You saw him today didn’t you?” he questioned.

“I did father…I needed to see him, to touch him, if only in a dream…”

Elrond turned away, pain written on his features. Arwen took her father’s arm, and made him look at her.

“Father, do not despair. This is my choice. It pains me greatly to think of staying here, while you leave. My heart belongs to Aragorn…but I do love you, so much father.”

A tear trickled down her cheek as she embraced Elrond. His arms held her gently, as he kissed her dark hair.
“I love you also my daughter…” He released her and went into his study, a silent signal for her to leave.
Arwen left, and sought sanctuary in a hidden part of a garden. Autumn colored leaves fell softly around her. Her eyes closed, her hand against her cheek.
She feared for him, her beloved. Would he survive the Quest? Take up his mantle of Kingship and one day claim her as his bride? She whispered a prayer to Iluvatar that he would accomplish it all, and be with her again…in joy, in sorrow, death, and living. He was her king.