The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

Companions by Suzie Sheelf

Elrond paced around his study muttering to himself, “How could that human be so stupid as to sound his horn.” He said to no one in particular, he was disturbed from his thoughts by a knock at the door. “Come in” He called out irately.

“My Lord you called for me?” A tall blonde elf asked.

“Yes Glorfindel, take the twins and track the Fellowship as far as Hollin, I am worried that Lord Boromir’s Horn blowing might have alerted unwanted attention.”

“Yes my Lord” Glorfindel answered, bowing he made to leave the room. When Elrond spoke again.
“Oh and Glorfindel, don’t let them know you are there, I know Legolas or Gandalf wont mind, but I feel the mortals of the group might be offended.”

Glorfindel just smiled at Elrond as he left the room, he knew when Elrond said mortals he meant Estel and Lord Boromir.

They had been following at a distance for a few days, ready to assist should an attack occur. “How much longer do we have to keep this up?” Elrohir asked.

“As far as Hollin” Elladan replied “didn’t you listen to Glorfindel”

“Yes I did, but I am sure Estel can look after himself, and the others. Legolas is an accomplished fighter as is the man from Gondor.”

“What are you saying Elrohir, that we should not be here?”

“I am saying I feel like we are spying on our brother, if he finds out he will never forgive us.”

“Well if you two don’t keep it down he will find out.” Glorfindel chastised.

It was Legolas’ turn to keep watch, they had finally reached the foot hills called Hollin, when he noticed that all were asleep he wandered a little ways from the camp, keeping his ears and eyes open for danger.

He walked over to a rocky outcrop. “Suilad Lord Glorfindel, Elladan, and Elrohir.”

The three elves came out of their hiding place, “Suilad nin ernil,” Glorfindel said bowing slightly.

“You have been tracking our party for a few days now, is everything alright?” Asked Legolas, “is there need for concern?”

Elrohir stepped forward, “We are truly sorry nin mellon, but ada was worried when Lord Boromir sounded his horn, that it may have attracted unwanted trouble.”

Legolas laughed lightly, a truly beautiful sound it was, “I thank you nin mellyn, though I do not think my companions would.” Legolas looked back at his sleeping companions, and sighed, “how far will you be following us?”

“We will leave you here, Lord Elrond wanted to see you safe as far as Hollin.”

“Well once again I thankyou.” He said gripping each of the three arms in turn in a soldier’s embrace. The turning he went back to his companions and continued his guard duty, while the other three elves slipped silently away in the night.

Legolas turned to see Gandalf standing beside him, “My turn Legolas, get some sleep.”

Legolas just laughed at Gandalf he knew that Gandalf knew that elves did not need sleep as such. “We had some visitors?” Gandalf asked.

Legolas just shook his head, “No nin mellon, just shadows passing in the night.” He said as he walked away lay down and watched the stars smiling to himself.

"Le holma ve edan!"  another response by suzie sheelf

Legolas wrinkled his nose for the umpteenth time that day, he wished the wind would blow in another direction, even an east wind would be better, he thought to himself.

He would speak with Gandalf and Aragorn later, asking if it was possible not to walk as rear guard even for one day, the smell was making him nauseous.

“You what?” Aragorn asked. Legolas just shook his head and muttered he did not wish to offend his friend but there was no easy way to say it, “Lle holma ve edan”

Aragorn chuckled, “ well that would be because I and Boromir are human.” He looked side long at the elf, “and what of the dwarf?”
Legolas grimaced, “don’t get me started.”
It took all of Aragorn’s might not to burst out laughing.

“Come mellonamin, do we truly smell that bad?” Aragorn sniffed at himself, and nearly fell over.

The next morning he announced to the group, “Legolas shall lead with Gandalf today.”