The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

Reflections by Shelob

Aragorn thought of the last journey he had taken through these dusty foothills. He was searching, always searching for the sniveling creature, Gollum, and a long and dreary trip it had been. But, finally, on a a dark and moonless night he had captured the beast, quite by accident. He was an evil captive and he had been grateful, when, at last, he had arrived in Mirkwood, and was able to be rid of the whining beast. If only the Wood-elves had been more vigilant and not allowed Gollum to escape. He sighed, and stepped more quickly along the path, noticing that Gandalf had disappeared over the brink of the hill while he had been thinking of those dark days.
Legolas too was wishing that Gollum could somehow have been prevented from escaping from the watchful eyes of the Elves.

It seemed that a great evil was their reward for trying to show the creature a bit of kindness. But, if, by the skill of his bow and the keeness of his eyesight, he could further aide the Company in this quest, than he would atone for the elf-warriors loss of their prisoner. He kept a close watch on the hobbits as they trudged along and it seemed to him that this was a perilous journey for those so small.

Frodo drew his cloak tighter and wished that this trip would come to an end and he could be back in Crickhollow, helping Fredegar prepare mushrooms and bacon for a late supper by a blazing fire. He too, sighed, oh well, this Ring must be destroyed first and, when the deed was done, if it could even be done, than, perhaps he could return to the 'quiet life' in his beloved Shire.

Realizing that his daydreaming had caused him to fall far behind, he saw that Sam had stopped the pony and was waiting for him to catch up with them. He quickened his pace just as particles of stinging snow begin hitting his cheeks. Oh dear, he thought, I hope the snow does not get worse as we climb higher up the mountain, bare hobbit toes do not like deep snow.