The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

The Musings of a Dwarf by samwisegirl


Gimli walked without complaint, even though he was chilled to the bone. He was exhausted because he had to walk two steps for every one that the taller beings took. He was worried about the hobbits. If he was already weary, how must they be feeling?

He wondered if he had made a mistake, coming on this journey. He had never ventured outside of Erebor. He knew nothing about the worlds of men and elves, save for some stories he had heard as a child. His father would tell him tales about Sauron, and the ring. He would regale Gimli with tales of Smaug the dragon, and his old friend Bilbo. Gimli chuckled softly to himself, remembering these stories fondly.

He looked over at Frodo. This nephew of Bilbo is both brave and true, he thought to himself. I will make sure he stays safe throughout this journey. Him and the other hobbits. They were a gentle people, and Gimli promised himself that no harm would come to Sam, Merry or Pippin as well as long as they were under his watchful eye.
He pulled out his pipe, thinking a good smoke would cut the chill in his bones a little. Sam came up to him shyly and asked him if he would like some Old Toby, as there was plenty to go around. Gimli thanked the kind hobbit, and filled his pipe to the brim. Dwarf and hobbit smoked together in comfortable silence as they walked. Yes, Gimli thought to himself, hobbits are a fine race of people.