The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

Sam's Menu by Rosie Cotton

First of all I have to bow to Lindorie and thank her for her challenge. I've been reading the inklings and poems for months and wished that I would have the courage to write something like that myself. I love writing little stories, but alas, as much as I love it, english is not my mother tongue and it's hard when you have a great love for words but they don't come to you as easily as they should. But Lindories challenge and all that marvelous responses got me hooked. So - tatah ! - here's my first inkling.


Sam was trodding slowly alongside Bill the Pony. Sometimes he stumbled, as the wind blew the pony’s mane over his eyes. But it was nicer to huddle close to Bill so he could gather some of the beasts’ warmth. “I wish that mean old wind would stop” Sam thought. Ever so often he cast a glance over to Frodo. He had seen how hard the weather had been on his master and though Sam did not feel the cold as hard as his friend being sturdy and used to working outdoors, every shiver of Frodo pierced his heart and bones as not even the iciest wind could have done.

But now Boromir had taken care of Frodo and sheltered him with his furry cloak. Sam was very glad of that and felt warm again himself. His thoughts now went off to the realms of pots and pans. Whenever Sam was very hungry – as he indeed was this very moment - he tried to figure out menus.

There would have to be meat…pork ? Nay, no ordinary pork for the Fellowship – lamb ! Yes, lamb. Roasted, crispy on the outside, with a tiny pink heart within. And smelling deliciously of fresh herbs.What else ? Taters ! Yeah, there had to be ‘taters. He would boil and mash them. Some vegetables would be fine, too. Cabbage ? No, you can’t serve cabbage with lamb ! Carrots ? Well, that would do. He’d glaze them with syrup. Syrup…that thought took Sam on to the memory of a lovely Hobbit-maiden with golden curly hair, standing in a kitchen sorrounded by the delicios smell of a fresh baked cake. Oh Rosie, dearest, I’d give anything now to be with you !

Sam sighed heavily and at the same moment Bill took a notion to sigh, too. Merry and Pippin, who were walking behind Sam and the pony thought this very funny and broke into laughter.

“ Haha,” Pip cried, “ we watched you all the time Sam, first you walk like the pony now you talk like the pony ! “ Pippins laugh was so infectious that it took only a few moments until all members of the fellowship joined in. Including Sam. It was good to have friends as those, he thought.