The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

The Trek Continues  by Magic Dreamer

Why did I ever open my mouth. Traveling with Men is fine, especialy doughty men such as these two. Gandalf? a wizard is always a useful thing to have around when in the wilds. And the Hobbits... He chuckled to himself. They are just like our own children, when we have them around. But traveling with an elf; what madness took me?

The Dwarf continued to stump along gloomily near the end of the line but careful to keep at least one person between himself and the treacherous elf. He often looked back at Legolas making sure he was going to try something. He had heard many stories over his lifetime about the treachery of the elves especially those elves living in Mirkwood from Gloin his father. Even now sixty years after the Battle of Five Armies there were little good feelings between the Elves of Mirkwood and the Dwarves of The Lonely Mountain. Trading returned with the Men of Dale, but not the elves.

Gimli tried to keep mostly to himself as the elf was friendly with most of the company, but the hobbits kept dragging him into conversations; begging for stories about the mountain they'd heard so much about from Bilbo. Merry and Pippin in particular warmed his heart with their antics toward Boromir and trying to learn to use their swords.

As they traveled further south he forgot about the elf and returned to his dream of Moria. He was hoping to get there and said so one day when they stopped. It was a bright sunny day and the hobbits and men were doing more swordplay and the elf was looking about; so It was a perfect time to talk with the Wizard. "Moria, Gandalf. We can travel to the home of my forefathers and Balin. Balin went there with many of out folk and has re-inhabited it again. I'm sure we will have safe passage through there if we just found the Western gates."

Gandalf just shook his head before stating "Moria is an evil place and you yourself said that Dain had not heard from Balin in many years. Eru knows what has happened to them safe passage - HUMPHH! no path is safe anymore. I have an idea of where to try to pass the mountains before I would even consider that route."

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