The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

Be Prepared by Lizmybit

Lizmybit discovers that while she likes writing inklings she is not good at writing on a time schedule!!!!!! But here is my effort anyway. Not very good but felt I needed to post it!

Frodo tried keeping up with the rest of the group. He was tired so very tired, and cold. It seemed as if the wind would never stop blowing. He thought that his cloak would have been warm enough for this trip but now he found himself wishing he had brought something warmer for there seemed to be no respite from the winds icy blasts.
Frodo looked up and saw Gandalf walking with Aragorn. They were quietly discussing something and would frequently turn around to look at Frodo. Frodo wondered what it was they were discussing. If they were talking about the route they were taking why did they keep looking at him? He felt and uneasiness as they walked, he felt as if danger waited around every corner they turned.

Sam was walking quietly beside Frodo. Frodo wished he would say something, anything to keep Frodo’s mind off this burden he was carrying. Frodo could hear Pippin talking to Merry. “Merry!” said Pip there was no answer. “Merry!!” cried Pip again only louder this time.

“What?” answered Merry drawing his cloak closer around his face.

“I’m hungry!” cried Pippin

“Pippin, You just ate not an hour ago” retorted Merry.

“I know but I’m hungry again. Do you think they will let us stop?”

Merry looked at Pippin “You’re kidding right? No Pippin they will not let us stop!” Good Grief! Maybe Gandalf was right maybe Pip should have stayed in Rivendell Merry thought to himself.

“Merry,” Pippin said again.

“What Pippin?” Merry Replied with a sigh.

“Are you sure they will not let us stop?” Asked Pippin again hopefully. Merry turned to Pippin and retorted.

“Peregrine Took, I certainly hope that you are not going to spend the entire journey to Mordor asking me stupid questions and begging me to stop for food! No Master Took they will not let us stop. I suggest that you take an apple out of your bag and eat that, because I am sure that is all we have time for now!”

Merry realized that he was yelling and that Pippin looked as if he was very close to tears. The entire company had now stopped and was staring at Merry I am sure wondering what one earth this outburst was about. Just then Gandalf spoke up.

“Perhaps it’s time we rest here for the evening, I have discovered a large hollow here that will make a fine shelter.” “Come Master Peregrine will you help me set up camp?”

With that Pippin shot Merry a “See now don’t you feel stupid” look and followed Gandalf. Merry stood there for a moment feeling like and idiot and feeling bad that he had yelled at Pippin. Frodo approached him and said “don’t feel too bad Merry, I understand his questions get a bit old after a time. But remember he is still young.”
Frodo placed his hand on Merry’s shoulder and smiled. Merry smiled back and they walked toward the shelter together where Aragorn already had a fire going.

It was a fine dinner and all including Pippin felt quite satisfied. They then settled into their beds for the night. Legolas had the first watch and he felt very uneasy. He stood at the entrance to the hollow peering into the black night looking for the object of this uneasy feeling. He found nothing but he knew it was out there lurking in the darkness, waiting. Waiting for what he wondered?

Aragorn approached Legolas and said “Man cenich?” (what do you see?)

“Nad nâ ennas! (something’s out there) Replied Legolas.

Aragorn slowly reached for his sword unsheathing it slowly. Legolas reaching for his bow said “What should we do?”

“Just be prepared” replied Aragorn. “Just be prepared.”