The One Hour Fellowship Writing Challenge

The Quiet Watch by Dandy

challenge: 1 hour..
The ring goes south time stamp 9:37

It was so cold. Like dripping icicles against the bare skin. Icicles it was when I moved my bedroll and peered out from under the frosted covers. We had been traveling for three possibly four day nights when the winter took a nasty turn and shoveled more snow onto us. Sleeping away the day.. Marching at night. There was no use for it.. It was my turn to watch. I rolled out of bedrolls and went to stand next to Aragorn. We were to share the watch for the next few hours.

"Frodo? How are you keeping?" Was the first words out of his mouth.

I laughed.. How else would I be keeping? "Well I am cold, and hungry and I think I have a hole in my blanket. Other than that things are miserable."

He laughed in return. "Yes I understand, Well the sun is shining so it will be a little bit warmer today than the last two. The snow was a bit of a surprise I must say. It seldom snows in this area. But everything seems to be out of sorts this year."

"You're telling me?" I chuckled in agreement..Including myself. Looking out over the sparkling snow drifts, I looked around. Well one thing was certain we would see something long before it reached us. Everything would stand out against the fields of white around us. I huddled in my cloak and brought out my pipe and weed. Filling mine and handing the pouch to Aragorn. We took a seat next to Bill and used him to block some of the wind.

After a half hour or so of silence. I asked Aragorn a question that had been plaguing me for months. "How old are you Aragorn? You do not seem much older than a myself. But then I.. I do not look my age either.. You told us once it would take years of crawling through muck and mire to look like Strider.. How many years?"

He turned to me in surprise. "Well Frodo I am far older than you..8 decades I have seen, give or take a few years.. who knows after awhile. I started out into the wild when I was twenty and have seldom found a place to rest. Rivendell was my home or what home I have.. and yet it is difficult to go there these days. The Lady Arwen is there and I think it makes Lord Elrond uncomfortable to see us together."

I nodded. "Bilbo told me a portion of that tale. But you are wrong in thinking that you are far older than I, for I am 50 myself. I once felt lucky to remain a tween.. now.." I shook my head..

We sat again.. both lost in our thoughts.. The silence broken only by the mournful whispering of the wind..and soft tinkling sound of the icicles on Bill's belly as they brushed together.

"Where have you traveled?" I asked him.. Wanting to get to know this strange man that I have grown so fond of.

"Well I have ridden with the horsemen of Rohan. Do you know they have horses that would put these mounds of white snow banks to shame. Pure white, they shine with a magic of thier own and with hair sleeker than a minks coat. If one were to run towards us now you would not be able to see it.. And I have been to Gondor.." He smiled, in memory.. "Do you know.. I was a friend of the Old Stewart and was there for many years." he pointed his pipe at Boromir and chuckled. "I once gave a ride to his 4 year-old grandson, though the grandson would not remember such things. HIs father is a good man, but we had a disagreement after the Old Stewart died, so I left. I have not been back since."

I laughed quietly at the thought of a 4 year old Boromir. "Will you tell him?"

He shook his head sadly. "No, I don't think so. I will wait for him to rebuild his trust in me. It will happen eventually..." He shrugged.. "or not.."

"It will happen.. Look how long it took you to convince Sam, less than a month.. and he is a hard nut to crack.."

Aragorn laughed again.. "And the only reason he cracked was because we finally made it to Rivendell and the elves were able to convince him I wasn't a cutthroat.."

The thought brought a sad smile to my face. I wonder what Bilbo would think of todays diary entry..And will we ever get back in time for him to read it.. Will we ever get back at all.. I went back to smoking my pipe in silence.. Suddenly I didn't feel quite like talking after all..


Challenge : Are we there yet? A trial of two hobbits

Gandalf shook his head in a amazement. How those two younger hobbits could talk all night without losing their voices was beyond him. And now they have started in on this:

are we there yet
why does the moon glow
merry is touching me
he started it
did not
did too
i'm hungry
i need to go to the bathroom
i wanna drink of water
can we make snow angels
you'll poke your eye out with that
told you so
he's looking at me
i don't want to carry my pack no more..
i need to go to the bathroom again
can i puuuuulllllleaseee have a drink of water
i want some candy
and some gum
he's not sharing
am too
is not
would you please tell pippin to stop looking at me funny
are we there yet?
can i hold the torch for a while
sam gets all the fun.. he gets to pet the pony
can i pet the pony
or better yet can i ride the pony
my feet hurt
i dont want to walk no more
you can make me
i am just going to sit here and pout
i am going to hold my breath
will you carry me
*stamping of feet*
wait for me
i want a post card
and a souvenir
and a soda pop
you just had one
did not
did too
are we please there yet

yes.. thought Gandalf.. it was going to be a long trip with those two..
I wonder if I could just sneak off for a bit when we get to Moria.

*dang I can't think of any more*