Belladonna Took

by Belladonna Took

Chapter 1: Tookish Nature

Chapter 1 Tookish Nature

"Ada, where has that girl got to again?" roared Gerontius Took." If I have told her once I have told her a dozen time, it is not good for a young hobbit-lass to wonder off by herself."
"Gero calm down.  You know she will always do exactly what you tell her not to." Adamanta chided. "Besides why should she be forced to stay home and do nothing while all of her brothers run about the countryside?"
"I just worry that something will happen to her if she is by herself in the woods.  The Elves still use the paths to the White Towers and I don't want anything bad to happen if she disturbs them." Gero stated with a sigh.
 His daughter, Belladonna, was a very big handful and often angered him by her careless nature, but she was his favorite child.  She reminded him so much of Bullroarer when it came to her actions and interactions with people that it was frightening to him.  He worried so because she was such a delicate, little thing, not even a quarter the size of Old Bullroarer.  At 23 years old she was by far the smallest of those her age.  With long bouncing curls of ink black hair and crystal blue eyes it was no wonder he was always worried that someone was going to take her away from him. She was quick to laugh with a sweet, beguiling grin, but even quicker to anger.
 Just as her father yelled for her Bella walked up to the front door of the Great Smials.  Why, she thought, did he always have to treat me like a child?  Every other member of this family is allowed to go wherever they chose but I am supposed to clear it with my father first?  I don't think so!  I was going to tell him about the wonderful old man I met today but not now.  He is far too cranky.
So she lay down on the grass staring up at the clear blue sky and reminisced about the thoroughly exciting day she had.  It had started out like any other day; she got up and dressed well before everyone had even gotten out of bed.  Gone and eaten a light breakfast and packed a small lunch.  She was out the door laughing before her father was even out of bed.  But as she walked down her favorite path towards Hobbitton.  She knew that her best friend Bungo would be waiting for her.
Soon she was humming to herself and skipping along the path.  She suddenly saw a very tall old man and a younger looking one standing in her path.  The old man was talking to Bungo and Bungo looked a little put off.  So she hurried up to see what was going on.
"Hi, Bungo!  Who are your friends?" she asked with a very curious expression on her face.
"I am called Gandalf the Gray and this is Arador, we are trying to find Bree.  This young hobbit seems to think that we are up to no good.  He will tell us nothing," the old man stated before Bungo could respond.
"Well, you have quite a way to go to get there.  And you need to be heading that way." Bella stated as she pointed towards her own home. "Why are you trying to get there?
"We have business with the owner of the Prancing Pony," he said with a smile on his face.  "My aren't you an inquisitive little hobbit-lass?  You are the first to speak to me in quite a while.  Most seem to be afraid of me."
"Well, I am Belladonna Took and my father is Thain Gerontius of Tookland.  I am not afraid of anyone or anything," she stated matter of factly.
"Bella, you need to watch what you are saying.  I have heard that this man is a wizard,", Bungo said as if that would make her afraid.
The reaction he got from that statement made him regret opening his mouth.  He had, yet again, forgotten who he was talking to.
"What? You are a real wizard?  That is so great.  Can you do magic?" she asked with an amazed expression on her face, " I have always wanted to meet a real wizard!  But my father said that wizards are just myths, made up to get hobbit-fry to go to bed.  I never believed that though.  I knew you just had to be real."
"Well, my young Took I guess you are right after all.  If I did not have more pressing matters to attend to right now I would show you what this old wizard could do, but I really must get to Bree.  Thank you for the direction, Belladonna.  I will be back soon to see you if you would like," with that Gandalf gathered all of the items he had set on the ground.
"You must tell me first, are there truly Rangers patrolling the borders of the Shire or are they a myth?" Bella asked quickly.  The impulse could not be stopped.
" There are truly Rangers that watch the Shire.  They help to keep you all safe," said the one named Arador.  With that Gandalf put on his hat and walked away with great strides.
"Wow!  Did you hear that Bungo?  There are really Rangers and wizards. Oh, I can't wait to tell my father."
With that Bella bounded off towards home to tell her father all that had happened that morning.  It was as she got to the door that she overheard her parents arguing about her again.
 Bella had fallen asleep on the grass when Gero had decided to take his coffee and pipe outside in the warm, bright sunlight.  He saw his daughter asleep with a peaceful smile on her face and called into his wife so she could see.
"Why does she have to look so innocent and calm when she is sleeping?  I know that is not her natural personality but it would be nice." he grinned.
"Bella, my love.  Wake up," he shook her gently. "What in the world were you dreaming about that made you smile so?"
"Da, I met a wizard and a man today!  I found out that there are such things as Rangers and Wizards!" She stated gasping for breath in all her excitement. "It was wonderful!  The wizard's name was Gandalf and the man's name was Arador.  Isn't that wonderful Da?"
"Yes my love!  I am very happy that you have learned the answers to some of you questions, but do be careful my dear.  These travelers can be dangerous.  You should bring one of your brothers with you."
"But Da, Bungo met me on the path.  Why do I have to bring one of them along?  They treat me like a baby.
"Bella, how many times have I told you that I do not want you meeting that Baggins kid I do not like the look of him?"
"But Da, he is my best friend. And he has done nothing wrong. Just because you don't like his parents doesn't mean we can't be friends."
"Bella for the last time you are not to see that boy again! Now go to your room for the rest of the day!"  Bella ran off to her room in tears. Why couldn't she be allowed to be friends with Bungo? He was not bad. She would see him again and there was nothing her father could do about it. So Bella sat in her room wondering how she would be able to sneak out early if her father was so mad. Then it came to her. The perfect plan!

Chapter 2: A Real Adventure Begins

It was about 2 weeks before Bella would talk to her father again.  She, of course, was not to blame for Bungo getting into trouble when her father found that she had left the Smials an hour after everyone had gone to bed.  It was Bungo who found her sleeping just off the path at 8:00 the next morning.  Her father came storming into the woods with her brothers and dogs in tow.  After being told to go back home and refusing to go, her brother Hildigrim carried her home thrown over his shoulder.  Her father then escorted Bungo home to his parents where they were told that if Bungo was seen around Bella again Gero would not hold his sons back.
Bella had finally decided it was time to go out for a walk.  It would not be the same without Bungo, she missed him terribly, but she need the sunlight. After telling her mother she would be back in time for luncheon, she walked out the front door and right into her father.
"Where are you running off to this morning, love?" Gero asked kindly." I was beginning to think you would stay locked up in your room for the rest of your life."
"I am going for a walk Da, if that's allowed," she said with a very cool voice. "I need the exercise and since I am not allowed to walk with Bungo anymore I WILL be walking alone."
"Bella," he said as she walked away. "Bella!" But she was already too far off to even pay attention.
As Bella walked along her favorite path she decided that she no longer liked this path and went walking straight into the woods instead.  As she walked along she started crying. "Gosh, how I wish Bungo was here.  I feel so isolated and lonely without him.  He always knew just how to make me feel better no matter what," she mused to herself.
Finally it just got to be too much for the little hobbit and she laid down on the fallen leaves and wept.  "How will I ever survive without him?  He is my best friend.  I need him."  As she lay there crying she heard two voices.  They were ones she had heard before but they were not hobbit voices.
"I now see why you love these halflings so much, Gandalf.  They are a giving bunch, even to one that is a stranger to them," one voice said.
"Yes, I have long told people that these hobbits are a strangely hardy and merry group.  They should never be underestimated." Gandalf responded.
At this Bella jumped up and ran towards the voices just as they were about to pass her hiding spot she emerged from the brush.  "Good morning, Gandalf.  Arador.  Where are you two off to today?"
"Well, now, Belladonna Took. What an unexpected pleasure to see you again.  Where is your friend today?" Gandalf asked with a gentle smile.
Bella looked up with tears in her big blue eyes," I am not allowed to see him anymore and likewise he is not allowed to see me.  I am terribly lonely may I walk a ways with the two of you?  I will not be a bother, I promise.  I just can't stand to be alone."
Arador looked at the tearful hobbit-lass and then looked up at Gandalf, who nodded. "Of course you may walk with us little one.  You can tell us why you are not allowed to see your friend and we will show you where the Elves pass to the Grey Havens."
Arador placed his hand on the distressed hobbit shoulder and guided her to the path. Happy for the interaction with another person she allowed herself to be guided along by the man.  As they walked along she listened intently to the stories the two told her of distant lands and strange people.  She was most interested in the Rangers.  They travel the whole of Middle Earth.  "Do you know any Rangers Arador? I would love to meet a Ranger one day.  That would be wonderful." She asked.
"Bella, my dear, I am a Ranger.  I thought you knew that." Arador said with a slight smile on his face.
"Really?  Wow that has to be very exciting traveling to all of those places.  I would love to see the White City in Gondor one day.  Is it really as grand as it sounds?" Bella asked with eyes wide in wonder.
"It truly is a beautiful as you could ever imagine.  But I have to say my heart belongs in Rivendell." he said with a far away look.
As they walked Bella became aware that she was quite far from home and in an area that she didn't recognize.  The trees were much larger than they were near the Smials and the brush was almost waist high on Gandalf.  But she felt very at ease with these to men.  She had started forget about her sadness over Bungo when she saw an odd, blue flower that was just about the color of his eyes.  Gandalf decided it was time for luncheon and he stopped and pulled several things out of his pack.  First he pulled out a skin of what appeared to be water, three large apples, several odd looking biscuits and a large piece of dried beef.  As they sat down to eat Bella remembered telling her mother she would be home for luncheon and started to panic.  But then she remembered her father's ban on Bungo and decided to skip luncheon instead.  She had a wonderful lunch with Arador and Gandalf and was just about finished when she heard singing coming from all around her.  As she turned around she saw several elves walking and riding horses in the woods. "These have to be the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my entire life," she thought as the elves surrounded the three of them.