A New Beginning

by suzie sheelf and Magic Dreamer

Chapter 1

The messenger ran once he had delivered the letter, Lady Galadriel had warned him that the Lady Elewen might not be too happy to receive a letter from Imladris. How right she was, the look on the she-elf's face had unnerved him, when she saw the seal on the letter. Remembering her manners, she looked up with a sigh, meaning to thank the messenger, but shrugged to herself when she saw he had left. Scanning the contents of the letter briefly, she went to find her friend.

Elewen was annoyed, really annoyed. She was practically stomping through the glades and up and down ladders, around branches trying to find her best friend. Every now and again she would call out "Sammy!" She ignored the looks she got from the other elves, who had learnt over the years she had spent there, that is was best to leave the young elf alone when in one of theses moods. Minya looked up and sighed as she turned to the elf she was talking to, "I think she got another letter from Imladris." The other just smiled sadly and nodded. Few of the elves of Lothlorien knew exactly why the foster daughter of Lord Elrond had returned with the Lord and Lady; to say that they were surprised was an understatement. It had now been nigh on 100 years and she had not been home. What happened in Mithlond? Was the question still uppermost in most of their minds.

Elewen was pretty sure where to find Samrendiel, but needed to check all the places where she might be on the way there, just in case, which made for slow progress and did not help her mood at all. Of course Elewen's mood had not been that great to begin with for years now, but she had been getting better. She had been slowly returning to the person she had been before they had gone to Mithlond. It is said that an elf who hears the sea will never find rest under the eaves of the forest. Many elves thought at first it was this restlessness that made her so unlike herself, but Elewen was a Noldo, the call of the sea should not affect her as it would the Sindar so it could not be the full reason about what had changed the girl from Imladris.

Today was different from any other day she had spent in Lothlorien. Today, all her hard won progress away from the sad, angry elf she had been when she arrived with The Lord and Lady towards the calm, logical elf she used to be was lost. Yes, she still had days where she remembered the lack of trust, from the people she had trusted the most, and the indignity of being locked up because they were frightened she would lose her composure. She did not like being tricked, and at times she felt like striking out though she tried to take it out during sword practice and on archery targets.

"Sammy, I figured I'd find you here," Elewen said as she entered a small glade on the outskirts of Caras Galadhon. She then turned her attention to the dark haired maiden that turned as she had entered. "Quel amrun Melniandiel. How are you feeling today?"

"Very well, thankyou. I assume you were needing Samrendiel?"

"Yes I do, if I may steal her from you for a little while?"

Melniandiel laughed lightly, "But of course. We were just discussing names for this little one," She put her hand on her stomach. "Samrendiel, feel free to return anytime. You as well Elewen are always welcome."

Samrendiel quickly hugged her friend promising to return later in the week and followed Elewen to a small talan a few trees away. Once there Elewen nearly pounced on her friend thrusting the letter at her. "This is what Lady Galadriel's messenger had for me a letter! From ada, I mean Lord Elrond. Read it."

Elewen paced the flet as Sammy read the following:

My dear Elewen,

First let me say that what I told you in Mithlond remains true. I have and will always think of you as a daughter. I hope the time you have spent in Lothlorien has helped heal your heart, and can understand the reasons behind what we had done.

Daily I have thought about you and wonder how you fare. The Lady Galadriel has let me know that you are doing well, but I have wished you would write to me yourself.

We all miss you terribly here. Arwen writes often telling us about you. But it is not the same.

I do regret the reason for this letter, other than asking about your health and psych. I have received word that Lord Thranduil still wishes to send his daughter to Imladris for further education.

Before Celebrian went to the west we had discussed this if you recall. I had asked if you would be a mentor for the princess during her stay and chaperone until she became accustomed to our ways.  I had thought to have Celebrian help me in this matter as well, but now that is impossible. As the princess will be leaving the Woodland Realm just after the next full moon. I need to know if you are amendable to this or if other arrangements should be made.

I will not force you to return. I only ask that you reply and tell me your future plans so I may find another, if necessary.

Glorfindel and the twins send their love as do I. We all miss you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

Elrond, Lord of Imladris

Samrendiel finished reading and looked up at the agitated elf woman beside her. "What are you going to do?"

"Go home of course. I never go back on my word, as Elrond has reminded me, I did agree to be the princess's mentor. But why couldn't King Thranduil have waited another two months, " Elewen lamented.  Melniandiel would have born her child by then and you could return with me to Imladris. I do not look forward to returning without you, nin mellon."

Sammy smirked, "I thought you might, even though Lord Elrond is allowing you to excuse yourself of the obligation. Elewen, I know it will not be the same for you without Ilweran there, and I do wish that I could return with you, but I have to be here for Melniadriel. And Lord Elrond has not changed what he feels for you, nor will he; he says so right here." Sammy brandished the letter. "He is an elf of his word. Glorfindel and the twins are also there, as well as your other friends. Nothing has really changed, mellon, except for the way you see yourself. Yes, we know who your parents are, but we loved you before we knew that and we love you still."

Elewen hugged her friend, "I know Sammy. I love you too. I still wish you could come with me now; I would feel more comfortable then, more myself. I would love to stay here, but." The elf paused and struggled with a thought for a moment before continuing, "Oh, I do hate to admit this, as much as I do not want to return home I have a feeling that if I do not return soon I will never go back. I guess that's how Ilweran, amme, felt about returning to Lindon. At least the job of helping the Princess Leannan adjust to life in Imladris will keep my mind off other things until you return."

Sammy smiled, "Why don't you take Vanima with you? You need a new handmaiden, since Minya has decided she wants to stay here." Sammy said snickering.

Elewen thought for a moment, "Perhaps you are right Sammy.  Even if I don't want one, it will be expected that I have one. I like the girl, she has spirit." Elewen said smiling. "I will ask Lady Galadriel if Vanima has an assignment yet, and then ask Vanima is she herself is willing to come and live in Imladris." She then turned and looked at Sammy with concern, "You will follow wont you, after the birth of Melniandriel's child."

Sammy nodded and smiled. "I will come to Imladris six months after the birth. I promised Melniandiel I would stay that long. You can't get rid of me that easily." She joked.

Elewen hugged her friend, "Thankyou nin mellon. I will send a message saying I will return on the proviso that you can return with me." Sammy looked at Elewen. Elewen smiled, "You know I can't get along without you and you will be returning, just later that is all, " she laughed

Sammy knew her friend was nervous about her return home and since she would not be returning with her it could easily happen that she might be forbidden to return, despite the open invitation that was tendered in Mithlond. This neatly solved that concern. "Oh Elewen, sometimes you are too devious for your own good," Samrendiel joined her laughter.

Chapter 2

Elrond smiled as he greeted his sons and Glorfindel as he sat down to join them at breakfast.

"Nin mellon, you are in good humour this morning, may I ask why?" Glorfindel asked as he watched the Elf Lord.

"I received a letter from Lothlorien. Elewen is coming home."

A month later.

Elrond watched from the balcony as the group from Lothlorien came entered courtyard. 'Has it really been almost 100 years of men since Celebrian and Ilweran sailed to Valinor?' The pain and loss was still so fresh. 'Oh Celebrian' he thought, 'I miss you so much every day.'

He watched as Elewen rode in, and he sighed to himself, she was so much like her mother. As much as he missed his wife, the Lord of Imladris also missed his best friend and fellow healer. Glorfindel, he mused was taking Ilweran's leaving quite well, better than he had thought. Lord Elrond then shook his head at his foolishness. It was obvious, if one thought about it, that Glorfindel was doing a better job at hiding his feelings. Elrond told himself to remember to do something for the elf lord for helping him get through the last century. He was sure the blonde haired elf was just as hurt when Elewen refused to return to Imladris from Mithlond.

Sighing again, he went down to greet his foster daughter. First he turned to a nearby aide and asked that he inform Lord Glorfindel that they had guests and his attendance was required. If he was to meet with her ire, he thought Glorfindel could have his fair share.

As he walked the passages towards the courtyard he continued to ruminate, but now his thoughts turned towards the girl who was coming home. She had taken the news of her ancestry very well. It was the fact that it had been kept from her for so long had not gone down so well. And worse still the fact that they had not trusted her and locked her in a room with Sammy while the ships sailed. He shook his head as he ruefully remembered that day. Then the message from Lothlorien, informing him that Elewen would be staying longer as she was still not ready to return to Imladris, it took all his powers of persuasion and finally having to directly order Glorfindel to keep him from going and fetching her. He stopped walking and passed a hand across his eyes as he recalled what he had thought then - ' I have lost my wife, my friend, and now my daughter.'

But Elewen was home now. Yes, she had remembered that she had agreed to be a mentor for the princess of Mirkwood. Elrond smiled to himself, Leannan would be good for Elewen, and she would help her take her mind off things for awhile. Elewen could even teach the princess some fighting skills, much to Thranduil's disgust. Remembering Silinde's attitudes from Mithlond, Elrond grinned.

Perhaps the princess would rub off on Elewen and achieve what Celebrian and Galadriel could not; teach Elewen how to be a real lady, not just at feasts and special occasions. At that thought Elrond laughed out loud, ignoring the stares from his staff. Shaking his head, he moved on. Elewen like her mother was a shieldmaiden and would have it no other way.

He continued musing as he waited. Elewen had agreed to come home on the condition that Samrendiel could come too. Elrond was pleased with this, as he liked the girl and the two were fast friends. He would not go back on the open invitation he had offered to Samrendiel in Mithlond. Haldir and Galadriel had also reinforced his opinion of their friendship and agreed that Samrendiel in Imladris would be beneficial. Haldir had said that. 'Those two are joined at the hip, and apart from giving Sammy a chance at furthering her own studies, she could also help Elewen with the princess.' Though he had mentioned did not envy his sister with that task.

Was it really only two weeks ago when the letter came informing him that

Samrendiel would not be returning with Elewen? Despite Galadriel sending a missive that Elewen did indeed leave Caras Galadhon as expected Elrond had spent the last few weeks worrying that Elewen would not return, that she would turn back and stay until Samrendiel could travel with her. He had made a mental note then, to ask Elewen why, he was curious as to what could keep her and Elewen apart during this stressful return to Rivendell.
 This letter also stated that Elewen would not be travelling alone, part of her escort was a new handmaiden. Galadriel had provided her a young maiden by the name of Vanima, the name sounded rather familiar he thought. Apparently the two had become quite friendly, but what happened to Minya? Had Elewen finally driven her handmaiden insane? He laughed to himself. Does Vanima know what she is in for? Elrond made another mental note to ask Elewen about the poor she-elf.

Elrond walked out and stood atop the stairs ready to greet his foster daughter, her new maid and the rest of the party. Elladan and Elrohir were there hugging their sister, Elrond watched for Elewen's reaction, and was pleased to see her enthusiastically hugged them back.

Elrond felt a presence beside him. "She's home then."

"Yes Elewen is finally home." Elrond sighed.

"Do you think she is still angry with us?"

Elrond looked at Glorfindel and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I do not know nin mellon. She seems happy to see the twins." The elf Lord smiled at this, he knew the blonde eldar had greatly missed the impetuous elf maid, as well.

Glorfindel sighed, "Sometimes I think it would have been best if we had relented and let her sail with Ilweran."

Elrond looked at Glorfindel in shock. "Nin mellon, you can not mean that. You know it is not true, you fought hard to make her realise it was not her time, and you know that Ilweran and Gil-galad needed time to them selves." He looked at Glorfindel and saw the pain that lingered in his eyes. He put a hand on his shoulder in understanding. "If she is still not happy, we will give her the choice."

Glorfindel just nodded, he knew Elrond was right. As much as he was looking forward to Elewen coming home he was also dreading it. As much as he loved and cared for Elewen, she reminded him too much of his close friend. But he had made a promise to Ilweran to look after her daughter, and there was that something else, that something he did not wish to dwell on. He looked at the elf maid in the courtyard and hope that she had made her peace and had forgiven them.

By unspoken consent they both stayed where they were. They would let Elewen do as she would. They did not want her to feel more pressured by their presence. They watched as Elewen introduced her handmaiden and the rest of her party to the twins and the others who had come to greet them.

Despite being happy at seeing her brothers again, Elewen was not happy to be home, her anger still raged when she remembered the treachery of her elders. Even now she felt it boil up inside as she glimpsed Lord Elrond and his accomplice standing atop the stairs. She thought of going to her rooms and composing herself before dealing with those two, but then she saw Elrond's weary face. Her heart softened and her anger subsided. 'Oh ada' she thought to herself. 'He must be missing Lady Celebrian something terrible.' Her eyes moved to Glorfindel, saw the pain and loss echoed in his eyes. He and Ilweran were very close, closer than I thought, she mused to herself.

Well, I am home now, time to start my life over. But Eru help anyone who calls me princess.

She took a breath to brace herself and moved towards the steps. Elladan, Elrohir, and Vanima watched as Elewen went to greet Elrond and Glorfindel. All three watched with bated breath. Vanima knew that Elewen was hurting; why she did not know, but she stayed behind and worried for her mistress. "Mae govannen, nin sell. Cormamin ele lle, nae saian luume." Elrond said, arms open in a welcoming way.

"Mae govannen ada, ta naa quel na nai mar." She stepped into his embrace. Elrond held his daughter tightly not wanting to her let Elewen go. As Elewen slipped her arms around Elrond and hugged him back, 'I have missed this' Elrond thought to himself.

Elewen looked over at Glorfindel who grinned at her. "Suilad neth min, oio naa elealla alasse." He said smiling, "Do you have a hug for this Elf Lord as well?"

At seeing Glorfindel's sad, put on expression, Elewen laughed and cast herself into Glorfindel's arms. Hugging her close he spun her around, then placing her gently back on the ground held her at arm length. "You have been greatly missed neth min."

With a genuine smile Elewen looped her arms with Elrond and Glorfindel, and led the way into the house. In the courtyard three elves let out a collective sigh.



"Mae govannen nin sell, Cormamin ele lle, nae saian luume"
(Well met my daughter, My heart sings to see thee, it has been to long)

"Mae govannen ada, ta naa quel na nai mar"
(Well met father, it is good to be home)

"Suilad neth min, oio naa elealla alasse"
(Hello young one, ever thy sight is a joy)