Undomiel Ortanë (Evenstar Rising)

by Queen of Gondor

Chapter 1

Elrohir and Elladan stood at the top of the stairwell and watched their sister glide down. There was a look of dismay on their faces. They did not want to have to take this journey, and risk their sister’s life, yet, it is what she wanted, and they would give it to her. They slowly walked down the stairs, Arwen threw a quick look at them. They smiled, for they did whenever they saw the fair face of their sister, it was a gift mighty for a King, that’s what they had decided. She smiled at them and continued on her way.


Elladan and Elrohir stood next to their shimmering horses. The pale light of Caras Galadhon took the shape of ripples on anything that it gleamed upon. They were busy acquiring supplies that would aid them on their journey with their sister. They watched as Arwen put a blanket on top of her horse. Their hearts were filled with worry, yet they continued to pack. They were going to take the road of Rhovianion, they would leave at the first glimpse of sunlight the next day.


Into the eye of the North Wind the small party of Elves rode. Anduin gleamed on their right, and the mountains rose stiffly on the left, casting early evening on their chosen road. They paused as they left behind the trees of Lorien, coming at last to the wild lands thick with gorse and bushberry. The way would be rough now, leaving the domain of the Lord and Lady, but safer still was this way deemed than the way over Caradhras. Elladan and Elrohir had firmly insisted that they avoid that evil place. Often they hunted there, but they would not take their sister that way.

Chapter 2

A warm breeze lifted her hair; a dark shadow stirring around the luminous oval of her face. The russet colour of her cloak was striking against the coat of her steed, a palfrey horse of gentle disposition. Turning her face back, her beauty would strike the heart of any who saw her, looking sadly toward the trees behind, to Caras Galadhon where she had spent long years among her mother’s people. A home it had been, but now her heart called her elsewhere. She closed her eyes and remembered when she had first made known that she wished to return to Rivendell. She could still hear every word.

“You should not return,” Celeborn had said, “the road is too dangerous.”

Arwen had glanced over at Galadriel. The Lady had been wearing a gentle smile and she nodded slightly, as if to say, 'you have leave to go'.

Haldir had stood with her at that time, even as he rode behind her now; "My Lord Celeborn, if she wishes to return to Rivendell, then it is her decision. She surely has her reasons." The tall Elf had said to Celeborn’s stern face.

"Orcs roam around the land, she could get ambushed." Celeborn argued. "The roads are no longer safe."

Haldir was confident "We would escort her, make sure she got home safely." Beside Haldir, Elladan and Elrohir bowed. They had dwelled in Lorien as escorts for their sister Arwen since the departure of their mother Celebrian. They would obviously exchange their lives for her safety.

"But…" Celeborn had no chance to retaliate, Galadriel had placed a slender finger over his lips. Galadriel had gestured towards the stairwell, where Arwen had turned and had began to descend. She turned her head around, and looked up at Celeborn.

Celeborn glanced at Haldir, and then back at Arwen. With a sigh he said, "Very well, you shall be escorted to Rivendell." Arwen’s face lit up, she looked at Haldir who flashed her a small smile. She smiled back, then continued hastily down the stairs…

“Arwen, you are dreaming again.” Arwen turned her gaze towards Elladan.

She smiled and said, “No, I was just remembering.”

Elladan smiled back, nervously he said, “Why did you want to return to Rivendell? I know you looked into the mirror, what did you see?”

Arwen looked away in dismay, she didn’t answer. “Arwen, I am your brother. I am supposed to look after you, and make sure that you are always safe.”

Arwen looked back at him, “Yes, your job is to look after me. Unfortunately you cannot always make sure that I am safe. Lastly, you should trust my choices, not judge them.” She turned her gaze in front of her.

Elladan rode back to the front and beside is twin. “What did she say?” Elrohir asked nervously.

Elladan looked down, “She does not want to tell us what she saw, she has decided to keep it from us.”

Elladan added, “Galadriel must have seen it to, for she let Arwen go without question, and she did not want to tell me when I asked.” They looked in front of them and continued riding.

An hour later, Elrohir rode back to Arwen, her eyes were closed, she was in a light sleep. He rode forward again and suggested that they set up a camp, for the sun was already beginning to set. They found a clearing amidst the trees, and led the company in. They put a soft blanket on the grass, and lifted Arwen off her horse and onto it. They lifted her head and placed a pillow underneath it. Arwen had a peaceful smile on her face.

Haldir, who had been riding in the back and was going to ride with them until they reached the mountains, set up a small fire, and agreed to keep watch. He was sitting on a log when he heard the sound of grass being stood upon, behind him. He turned around, only to see Arwen walking towards him.

She sat down beside him, and smiled at the warmth of the fire. “Thank you for standing up to Celeborn for me, he is stern, though I know he only wants to look after me.”

Haldir turned to face Arwen, “In all the time that you have been there, you have never asked to leave, I thought it must be important.” He smiled at her and thought… “She is beautiful, and so graceful, how could anyone say no to her.”

They sat silent for a moment, looking into the fire. “You should get some sleep Haldir, I insist.” She sensed that he was going to say the same thing to her, so she stopped him. He got up and walked to his blanket, he soon fell asleep.

Arwen sat there in the darkness, happy to be alone with her thoughts for once, “I did not like what I saw, I must get to Rivendell soon.”

She felt a hand on her shoulder, startled, she turned to see who it was.

Elladan was standing there, his face was sleepy, in a soft voice, she said, “Go back to sleep, I’ve had plenty.” He smiled, then turned to go back to sleep.

Once again, she looked into the fire and closed her eyes. “Galadriel saw the same thing, she understands why I need to go.” For a minute she sat there distracted by her own thoughts. All at once, she saw what she had seen in the mirror again. A tear fell down her face, and she began to dream wakefully.