Aldamir Elf of Lórien

by Frodo Baggins


And so for many years Aldamir dwelt beneath the mallorn-trees of Lothlorien, serving the Lady Galadriel well. Many
times he was sent on missions to guard Moria or such places, and he held his own well in all such tasks, proving
himself skilled with the bow and sword, more than Elves were normally known to be. Eventually, Galadriel deemed him
worthy of a bride whom he had long desired the hand of.

And at high midsummer one year, when the sun sent great shafts of golden light through the leaves of the mallorns,
Aldamir and Uruviel were wedded, their marriage blessed by Galadriel. She gifted them with a beautiful, high flet in
the heart of Caras Galadhon, near to her own flet. Aldamir was deeply touched by her favor, and according to her request,
took up guarding the western borders of Lorien, alongside Haldir, with whom he had struck up a lasting friendship.

In the year 2480 of the Third Age, news came to them that orcs were building strong-holds in the Misty Mountains,
and that more and more of them were journeying to Moria. There they were taking up their haunt in the depths of Moria,
until they held it so strongly that none dared to enter the accursed place. The Elves who had been guarding Moria
returned to Lorien under Galadriel's orders. She needed all the Elves of Lorien to keep  guard on Lorien's borders,
to prevent orcs and evil creatures from over-running the Golden Wood.

In 2951, they received grave tidings; Sauron, servant of Morgoth, had declared himself openly and retaken the stronghold
of Barad-dur in the shadow-covered land of Mordor. The dreaded Nazgul had returned also, servants of Sauron.

Some years after these events, it happened that Arwen Undomiel, who dwelt in Lorien and had fallen in love with a mortal
man, was called home to Imladris by her father Elrond, for all lands eastward of the Misty Mountains were becoming
dangerous. This grieved Uruviel deeply, for she had long been close friends with Arwen. . .

- Frodo Baggins