Aldamir Elf of Lórien

by Frodo Baggins


At last the White Ship of Mithlond, bearing Aldamir, his Elvenkin, and Mithrandir with the hobbits, came across the Sea and entered into the Blessed Realm. The grey curtain of rain and mist swept back and a far green land rose up before them, with white stars above it and the wide Sea about it. Drawing up to the quay, the ship finally came to rest and the last journey of the Elves was ended. Aldamir set foot in Valinor with Uruviel at his side.

But for Lindir, something unexpected awaited him upon the quay. Standing there, waiting for him with joyful tears in her eyes, was Linwë, his beloved, not dead but very much alive. Later he learned that she had not perished as thought in the orc ambush, but because of serious, poisoned wounds, was forced to leave from the Havens immediately. Her two kinsmen who had also disappeared had ridden in haste to the Havens, but left no message, fearing that Linwë would not survive and that Lindir would be hurt even worse by hearing that. But she survived, and on the shores of Valinor, she and Lindir shared a reuion so joyful that, if stars could laugh, they could not have rivaled it.

And so Lindir and Linwë’s tale of loss and reunion came to a close, and they were wed in Valinor. Children were born to them, who afterwards became known as great harpists, taking after their mother and father.

Aldamir planted the young mallorn sapling on a forest-bordered hill near the Sea, where it grew tall and beautiful, and blossomed ever after in the memory of Haldir and the Elves who had fallen in Middle-earth. Aldamir and Uruviel determined to dwell close to the Sea, and three children were born to them, two beautiful daughters and a son.

As to the stars, Aldamir and his Elf-maid found that they were indeed a bit different from those of Middle-earth, but nonetheless beautiful and satisfying to gaze upon.

So it was that Aldamir’s tale in Middle-earth came to an end, and spun itself out in the golden realm of Valinor, where the earth ended and became the realm of sun, stars, moon and immortal Elvenkind......

- Frodo Baggins