Adulas' Tale

A revision of the Tale of Adulas by Dinledhwen

Part 1

Back in my earlier days with you all when we were still on the old boards I had written a story entitled "The Tale of Adulas" .
It was my first attempt at writing something that was meant to be shared with other Ringers and as such it was a bit rough since I had never done it before. Anyway to make a long story short I've decided to rewrite the story much like someone who guts out an old house in order to make room for the new so this version will not be like the first at all except for one central key idea which will be revealed in the second chapter.

And I would like to thank Varda again for helping me with this by giving me the inspiration for the rewrite when I read the scene where she had Legolas confronting the Witch King in her entertaining story "The Ring Will Come to Gondor".

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have while writing it!

Adulas’ Tale ~ The Tale of Adulas Rewrite

One: The Reenactment of the Death of the Witch King

Every fall the residents of the small mountain town of Thrush Creek put on a fair which celebrated the colorful season as well as the literary work of a famous writer since fall marked the start of colder weather which had many wanting to curl up with a good book before the fire. Now this year’s literary work was JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings which had been met with much approval due to the story’s many fans. However the choice to reenact the scene where Merry and the Lady Éowyn bring about the death of the Witch King of Angmar that second afternoon of the fair didn’t set well with the only elvish appearing resident who now stood frowning next to his much shorter Aunt Liz in front of the eager crowd that had gathered behind a simple rope barrier on the south side of the pasture outside of town which had been renamed “The Pelennor Fields” with a homemade sign on a post by its entrance.

“Honestly Adulas will you lighten up! Or are you now pretending to be like your identical twin brother before he warned Aragorn about the approaching Uruk-hai while they stood by the lake?” his Aunt softly chided with a mischievous smile while she poked her nephew in the ribs with one gloved index finger in order to get his attention for he was now staring intently at the dark gray storm clouds gathering over the mountain pass in the east since it was unusual for storms to move from east to west.

“Hey stop that!” Adulas replied with a chuckle while he gently took a hold of her now tickling finger within one hand. Then he looked down at the petite gray haired woman who had raised him as if he were her own son after his real mother had abandoned him when he was a newborn babe because of his “devil ears” the name she had given for their pointed elvish tips. “So now I’m Legolas’s identical twin brother instead of being him? That’s an interesting idea you have there Auntie but it doesn’t lighten me up for my fear over Bill’s participation in this reenactment turning his recent interest in the Witch King of Angmar into a full fledged unhealthy obsession is growing. Briefly I had hoped that the approaching storm would postpone this reenactment long enough so I could try and speak with him again about not going through with it. But I see that the entertainment committee isn’t worried what the weather is fixing to do and will go on with the show,” he added with a sad sigh while he glanced at the open pasture before him which was now being populated by the male actors who were to play the “corpses” of the fallen Rohirrim and Orcs.

“I had no idea that Bill was so interested in such a dark character,” a now serious Aunt Liz said. “When last did you speak to him about it?”

“The last time I tried was in his apartment shortly before you and I came here. But I’m afraid all it did was to anger him so much that I’m now nothing more than a meddlesome elf to him instead of a friend. And while I don’t take his words to heart since they were said in the heat of the moment I couldn’t help but notice how his choice of them was Witch King like as if he was already acting like the feel being. Then I got the strangest impression for several seconds that we were not alone. Why I felt that way I don’t know since there was no one else there.”

“I would try and speak with Bill again when this reenactment is over,” Aunt Liz firmly suggested. Then she smiled up at him in pretend innocence. “Can I have my finger back now?”

“Yes you can if you promise to not poke me with it anymore!” Adulas replied with a big grin while he emphasized his words by squeezing his Aunt’s finger for each one.

“You know I can’t make that promise! It goes against the code.”

“And what code would that be?”

“The code which gives me the right to poke you in the ribs whenever and where ever I choose because I’m your aunt!” the older woman said with a merry laugh.

“I see! Well then I guess there is nothing I can do but to release your finger and hope that you will be merciful with it in the future!” a still grinning Adulas said with a pleading sideways look while he let go of his Aunt’s finger.

“Don’t worry! I’ve decided that you’ve been poked enough for one day!” she reassured him with a smile while she slipped one arm around her nephew’s slender waist so she could give him a motherly hug and lean against him at the same time since she had been standing for a while now which made her older bones protest at the absence of seating. No doubt the stingier members on the current entertainment committee had a hand in there being no bleachers set up.

In the meantime a pretending to be relieved Adulas had whispered back in her ear “I’m glad to hear that! I do bruise easily you know!” while he had slipped an arm around her shoulders so he could hug her back all of which made her laugh again.


Meanwhile in the re-enactor’s prep tent behind the crowd Bill was slowly lowering upon his ski masked face the exact replica of the Witch King’s spiky dark helmet. Now this part of his costume as well as the matching pieces of brutally elegant body armor and hefty mace had drained his bank account dry due to his now unrelenting desire to have everything worn by the fell being in The Return of the King movie. And once he had the helmet down on his head he instantly knew that the money had been well spent when he finally saw his tall muscular frame now transformed into the perfect likeness of the Witch King when he looked at himself in the full length mirror. Then Adulas’s words of warning about this becoming an unhealthy obsession came back to him.

“Don’t listen to that meddlesome elf’s words! He is lying to you!” the deep disembodied voice of someone long parted from life suddenly whispered in Bill’s right ear.

Now the voice sounded exactly like the Witch King’s fell one so the young man quickly whirled around since he first thought that someone was now trying to have some fun by messing with his mind. But when he saw that he was the sole occupant in the tent he was some what spooked. Then he became even more spooked when he remembered that his earlier conversation with Adulas had taken place just between the two of them in his nearby apartment. So there was no way that anyone else could have known about it since he hadn’t mentioned it to another living soul and he doubted that Adulas would have gone and told everyone about it. Still he clung to his first idea that this was just a prank as his mind refused to let him start believing in the impossible which was the real Witch King now being in the tent with him.

“Alright you’ve had your fun! Now who are you and how did you know that Adulas was being meddlesome?” Bill demanded back while he looked about him again.

“Is it not obvious as to who I am?” the Witch King’s disembodied voice continued along with a dry hollow laugh.

Suddenly Bill felt the cold malevolent essence of the Witch King envelope him and when he next felt it briefly touch his soul his whole body flinched. However it wasn’t out of fear at being so close to such pure evil that had made him do it. Instead it was from the thrill it gave his unrelenting desire to also know all he could about his favorite Lord of the Ring character since he sensed he now had the golden opportunity to do so although there was a part of him was still spooked by what was going on and was starting to question if continuing this contact was prudent.

Instantly the Witch King knew that he had finally found the perfect man who he could easily possess when he sensed Bill’s desire. Something the fell being needed to have in his favor if he was to swiftly as possible carry out his plan for revenge back in Middle-earth. The fact that he had boldly crossed over into this strange plane of existence through a rift in time created by the Valar wasn’t a significant enough reason in his revenge driven mind for him to rethink his idea of using Bill. And it was that not rethinking which would ultimately doom his plan later on.

“Now that you know who I am this is how I learned of that meddlesome elf’s words,” the Witch King continued while before Bill’s eyes he saw himself standing in his sun lit living room earlier that day with Adulas who was urgently trying to get him to pull out of the reenactment so his interest in the Witch King wouldn’t become an unhealthy obsession. However this time he wasn’t facing his concerned looking friend but instead he was now seeing everything through the fell being’s ghostly eyes from off to the right. And after Adulas had glanced in that direction Bill saw the brief flare of an elvish “light” awakening from dormancy within those searching blue eyes and the puzzlement which filled them next. Then the man was seeing only the interior of the tent again and feeling an even greater thrill at having experienced a small taste of what the Witch King could do all of which left him momentarily speechless.

“I could help you with your reenactment if you will allow me to abide within you,” the fell being then slyly offered as he wasted no time in taking advantage of Bill’s desire to know more about him.

“You will do that for me?” an incredulous Bill was finally able to reply. “After all I will be reenacting your unfortunate death. Something I would think that you wouldn’t want to relive.”

“There were some details about it that have been overlooked and this reenactment will be the perfect time to let everyone know about them,” the Witch King replied as he now used his sly lying words to entice the young man further much like someone dangling a carrot in front of another.

“There’s more?! Wow! Alright you can abide in me!” Bill eagerly agreed while his unrelenting desire to know shoved aside the part of him that was screaming at him about this being a bad idea.

Suddenly he was loudly gasping out several times in surprise and shock when he felt the full force of the Witch King’s dark and powerful essence flow into him like a super charged rush of adrenaline. Then he sucked in a deep breath before slowly letting it out as he began to accustom himself to now having another “soul” inside him.

As for the Witch King he held off from possessing the young man fully for the moment since his plan for leaving this time on the back of the fell beast that had been following him around like a faithful dog obviously would require far more space for the beast to land in then what was inside the tent. So he felt the best way to accomplish that would be to let Bill move on his own until he had reached a suitable place where the possession and leave taking could occur.

“Welcome Ladies and gentleman to Thrush Creek’s reenactment of the demise of the Witch King!” the male emcee’s voice now greeted everyone over the loud speaker which brought out a loud and boisterous cheer from the crowd. “Will Lady Éowyn, the Witch King of Angmar, and Meriadoc Brandybuck please come and take your places so we can start!”

“Maybe you should tell me now what those overlooked details are so I can work them in,” Bill suggested out loud since he wasn’t sure how else to speak with the fell being inside him while he picked up in his right hand his hefty mace which seemed to be lighter in weight. “Are you making me even stronger?” he than asked while he savored this new wonderful feeling.

“The details can wait until its time to reveal them. As for me making you stronger yes I am so you can experience what my strength feels like. Does this please you?” the Witch King replied but this time directly to Bill’s mind. But his words were a lie for the added strength wasn’t a beefing up of the young man’s. Instead it was the fell being’s own strength as he placed himself at the ready for a swift possession when the time came.

“Yes it does!” an impressed young man said while he took a few practice swings with the mace.

“Good! Now the time has come to let everyone else know more about me.”

So Bill left the tent his long stride purposeful and his bearing almost imperious as his newly acquired “strength” suddenly made him feel invincible.


By now the dark gray storm clouds had blotted out the warm fall sunshine and the deep blue sky above the pasture which gave this recreated Pelennor Fields the appropriate gloominess. It also added to Adulas’s growing uneasiness so he didn’t clap and cheer along with the eager crowd when a young woman clad and armed as a male Rohirrim and a curly haired barefooted boy similarly clad took their places amongst the “corpses”.

“Those are the Peterson’s oldest daughter and their adopted son. That’s the family who moved into the old McPherson’s house in town this summer. I hear that Donna, the young woman, has expressed an interest in meeting you. But she is extremely shy so you may have to break the ice since she hasn’t worked up the nerve yet to do it herself,” Aunt Liz said to him with a big matchmaker’s grin while she gently elbowed him in the ribs this time.

“That’s nice,” Adulas replied absentmindedly while he closely watched as Bill made his appearance and continued his purposeful stride towards Donna and her brother. Then when his dormant elvishness suddenly awakened fully into existence and became like a steady beacon of pure white light in his soul he now could sensed that Bill wasn’t alone out there and it had nothing to do with his friend being surrounded by the other re-enactors but instead by the fact that the foul presence of the Witch King of Angmar was out there too! Now this caused Adulas to swear softly to himself as his original fear over Bill’s interest in the fell being becoming a full fledge obsession quickly grew by leaps and bounds into a fear for his friend’s life at this unexpected turn of events.

“Auntie I want you to head for the car and go home now!” he then said to the older woman in a low and urgent tone of voice.

“Why ever for?!” she protested with a perplexed look on her face which was being made rosier by the cold wind that was now beginning to blow from the storm in the east. Then she noticed the elvish “light” within her nephew’s eyes and this set her woman’s intuition into a tizzy as it tried to convince her disbelieving mind that what she was seeing was real. “Adulas you’ve changed into an elf! How is this possible?!”

“I don’t know! But I do know that the fell spirit of the Witch King of Angmar is out there with Bill and I don’t want you here for I now sense something more than just that storm is about to happen!”


In the meantime the fell being was also aware of Adulas’s emerging elvishness. And while this didn’t worry him since he was confident that there was nothing the meddlesome elf could do in stopping him from possessing Bill he still decided to go ahead and make his move now which left the young man suddenly feeling no longer in control of himself. Then the Witch King’s dry hollow laugh filled his mind.

“I don’t need to keep your mind and soul alive in order to use your body for my plans of revenge against the Lady Éowyn. But you have impressed me with your desire to know everything about me so I will let you abide within me for the time being!”

Now this chilling bit of information from the Witch King paralyzed Bill’s mind with a numbing fear when it made him realize belatedly the deadly predicament he had gotten himself in.


At the same time Adulas’s mind was a whirl of activity as he desperately tried to come up with a quick idea that he could use to save his friend only to discard them just as quickly as being unworkable. Fortunately Aunt Liz had not protested any further about her leaving for home and was now making her way back through the cheering crowd towards their car just as the emcee began the reenactment by starting to read a short narration to set the scene.

Suddenly the ear splitting screech of a Nazgûl which sounded more like thousands upon thousands of finger nails being slowly dragged down a blackboard rent the air behind Adulas. Now this evil assault on everyone’s hearing had him and the entire crowd clamping their hands over their ears at nearly the same time. However he didn’t shrink back from the fear it instilled like everyone else was doing. Instead he quickly spun around on one heel with his hands still over his ears and saw Bill now standing with his arms held out in a gesture of summoning while he faced the storm darkened mountain pass in the east. And when the faint roar of a fell beast answered from there in the eerie silence that followed after the screeching Adulas needed no further proof to know that the something more that he had felt was about to happen had and that his friend was totally caught up in it.

Suffice it to say that none of the re-enactors wanted to be anywhere close to this new Bill after that. So a mad scramble ensued and during that time the curly haired barefooted boy tripped over his own feet which left him face down on the ground with a mouth full of the fall browned grass. But it wasn’t until Donna had quickly come over to him and was starting to pull him back up as he spat the grass out did the Witch King move his new set of eyes onto her.

“Since you want to be so much like that Rohan woman who brought about my death in Middle-earth then you will now share her eventual fate!” the Witch King ominously declared in his own fell voice while he swung his mace above his head as he prepared to strike the horrified woman down with one mighty blow where she stood as if rooted there.

Without hesitation Adulas had nimbly jumped over the rope barrier and had swiftly covered the open ground between him and Donna. Then he placed himself between the fell being and his prey before he quickly reached up so he could firmly grab a hold of the mace bearing forearm with both hands after which he used the weight of his entire body and his elvish strength to pull it away while it was still up in the air and then down. Now this caused the blow from the spike covered ball to harmlessly pass over Donna’s head with several inches to spare before it hit the ground with a dull thud off to her left side.

“Run!” he then yelled at her and her brother which they quickly did now that her brother was on his feet and together they headed for the make shift parking lot which had become a noisy traffic jam as everyone was trying to leave at once while honking their car horns. However Adulas didn’t get the chance to see if his Aunt Liz had made it out of there since he was forced to hastily back peddle out of the way of the mace blow now aimed at his own head after he had let go of Bill’s possessed arm.

“You have meddled for the last time elf!” the fell being said angrily while he tried to hit Adulas in the head again only to be foiled when his target simply ducked down under the swing.

“Get out of Bill’s body now!” Adulas demanded right back his own anger clearly evident in his voice and in his eyes which darken their blueness.

“Your friend is mine! Now you will die!” a suddenly triumphant sounding Witch King replied while he looked up at the sky behind the elf.

Now this had Adulas quickly turning around and looking up as well. And when he saw the much closer dark leathery body of the fell beast in a steep dive towards him with its fanged maw at the ready he silently swore under his breath about forgetting about it.

“Not this day!” he replied back more confidently than he was feeling since nothing in his life had prepared him especially for this! Then he suddenly darted off to the north where there was an extension of a large and healthy grove of golden aspen trees making in roads into the pasture. Now he hoped that the beast wouldn’t be able to make the tight aerial turn needed in order to follow after him which fortunately was the case and it left the fell beast roaring out its frustration as it could only land where he had been standing. Then he paused to see what the Witch King and beast would do next.

“Hunt down your prey!” the Witch King then ordered which the beast promptly started to do by walking surprisingly fast on all fours after Adulas while using both of its clawed front wing joints and hind feet.

“That is so not good!” the elf muttered in a worried tone before he darted towards the trees again. Fortunately they effectively barred the fell beast’s body from entering in after him despite it slamming violently against them which then showered them both with golden leaves in the process.

But its long neck could snake in amongst the tree trunks and Adulas had to duck and dodge for several heart pounding minutes the beast’s salivating and fetid jaws when he found himself trapped up against a denser group of trees that were growing too close together for him to slip between. Eventually he was able to escape when the beast sank its fangs deeply into the trunk of the tree directly behind him instead of his chest after he had ducked down at the very last minute. Then from a safe distance he watched as the infuriated beast easily ripped a huge chunk of the trunk out as it pulled back in a mighty effort to free its fangs.

Suddenly the fell beast grew quiet and it tilted its head to one side like a dog would as it listened to something that Adulas couldn’t hear. Then it slowly began to back up till its neck and head were clear of the trees while it glared back at him since it clearly wasn’t happy about having to leave its prey behind.

Meanwhile the elf had realized that the Witch King must be calling the fell beast back to him and while that was a very welcoming turn of events it also was a worrying one too because it could mean the fell being had set his sight on someone else. Now this thought had him rushing back towards the edge of the aspen grove despite his self preservation screaming at him to stay deep within the safety of the trees. And when he saw that only he and the Witch King were the only ones left from those that had originally gathered in the pasture he sighed in relief.

After that all Adulas could do was to stand and watch helplessly while the fell being took a seat in the crook created where the fell beast’s neck met its shoulders and wings. Then it used those wings in conjunction with a mighty leap upwards to quickly become airborne during which time the elf could hear the Witch King’s triumphant laugh as he at least succeeded in keeping Bill’s body. The fact that the elf was still alive did bother him but his revenge driven mind soon dismissed it while he ordered the fell beast towards the stormy and dark mountain pass to the east.

“If you think you’re now free of my meddling you had better think again for I will not leave Bill to whatever fate you have in store for him!” Adulas loudly and boldly countered while he continued to watch the Witch King and his mount head for the pass. And when both unexpectedly vanished in a blink of an eye while above it he realized that he had no idea as to how he would go about backing up his words.

It was at that moment when the aspen tree behind him began to “speak” although to the mortal ear it only sounded like its golden leaves were softly rustling. But to Adulas’s he heard an intriguing snippet about there being another elf that would be waiting for him within the same pass later that night when the stars were at their most brilliant. Now this subtly delivered message startled him into remembering that the strange goings on that afternoon wasn’t limited to Bill and that he too had been affected.

“How is it possible that I can now hear and understand you?” he asked in a low voice his confusion about it quite evident in it after he had turned to face the tree. Then he lightly laid the palm of his right hand on the tree’s smooth white bark while he gazed far up into its branches.

Instead the aspen would only urge him repeatedly to leave for the pass now so he let out a loud sigh of frustration while he removed his hand. “Alright I’m going. If I’m to help Bill I will have to go through that pass anyway. Perhaps this other elf you spoke of can help me figure this whole thing out,” Adulas said the latter part more to himself as his curiosity began to grow as to who this other elf was. Then he turned back around and looked towards the make shift parking lot and when he didn’t see his Aunt’s car in amongst those that had been jammed up and then abandoned he sighed in relief since he took that as a good sign that she had gotten safely away.

By now he could hear the faint wail of sirens coming from the town and this sent him on a quick but stealthy course for home within the concealing grove of aspens since the last thing he wanted to do now was to waste time in the answering of the numerous questions the approaching law enforcement were sure to have about what had happened a short while ago in the pasture. So when the Sheriff and his three deputies finally arrived there they found it totally deserted while the cold wind from the east ushered in a few snowflakes.